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This week in Nullsec.

December 2, 2013

“This week in Nullsec” is a a semi-weekly article that will be released Thursdays and Mondays. The article will recap all things Nullsec from the past 3-4 days, from Sov changes to Failcascades, we’ll keep you updated!

Thursday November 28th 2013

Red alliance after crashing on Legion of xXdeathXx’s couch for 2 months and 10 days returned 10 systems in Geminate to Legion of xXdeathxX today. Red alliance‘s only systems are the 6 recently captured systems in Scalding Pass now, time will tell if this was a good move or not.

– The action in The Kalevala Expanse seems to be coming to a conclusion, Gentlemen’s Agreement lost another system today bringing their total systems down to 2 in the region. Insidious Empire have claimed another 3 systems today bringing their total up to 13. Insidious Empire after completing the mop up operations in The Kalevala Expanse could deploy to their system in Geminate where they would be able to attack CFC renting space and Gentlemen’s Agreement Sov in Vale of the Silent.

– CFC alliance Fidelas Constans captured another system in Etherium Reach today, bringing their total number of systems controlled in the region up to 4, it is yet to be seen how N3 will react to this threat. Will N3 divert attention away from the Russian front and risk losing more systems down south or will Insidious Empire deploy to Etherium Reach to defend against Fidelas Constans instead of going on the offensive in Vale of the Silent? time will tell i suppose.

– Earlier this morning Northern Coalition. managed to destroy the TCU’s in 2 systems in Catch using a small fleet of supercarriers. Stainwagon responded to the threat by forming a tengu fleet to quickly dispatch of the Northern Coalition. TCU’s. Against all Authorities proceeded to place their own, the systems are now back in the hands of AAA.

The Kadeshi formed up 16 carriers for a final DARKNESS. I-HUB timer in Omist, a Stainwagon dreadnought fleet was bashing nearby and Cyno’d in to help DARKNESS. with the carriers. 13 out of 16 carriers died for a loss of approximately 26b.

Friday November 29th 2013

– A Smartbombing ratting Nyx belonging to PL renting alliance; Brothers of Tangra was taken down by only 5 pilots, 2 of them Moros’s the other 3 Heavy interdictors and a interdictor. The system had been cyno-jammed and so the group (consisting of 2 black legion pilots) had to bring in the Dreadnoughts through a wormhole.

Fidelas Constans continue to take systems in Etherium Reach, a staggering 7 systems were taken today. Fidelas Constans now have control over 11 systems out of 100 giving them control over 12% of the system, still no word on N3’s plans to counteract this threat.

Pandemic legion with support from N3 forces clashed with CFC forces with help from Black Legion in HLW-HP. Pandemic legion/N3 forces managed to take out 23 battleships but at the cost of 47 battleships, 2 carriers and 5 dreadnoughts. Pandemic legion/N3 forces managed to extract the rest of their capital fleet though which numbered around 130.

Saturday November 30th 2013

Fidelas Constans captured another system in Etherium Reach today, bringing them up to 12 systems owned in this region. If N3 continue to leave Fidelas Constans to run wild in Etherium Reach then they could not only lose a vital region that connects their northern drone region empire to their empire in the south but also lose the faith of their renters who provide the main isk stream to N3.

Insidious empire captured another system in The Kalevala Expanse bringing Gentlemen’s Agreement down to only 2 systems in the region. Gentlemen’s Agreement activity in the region has been lacklustre in recent days, CFC alliance Circle-of-two has been putting up the main opposition to Insidious Empire so far but their performance has left a lot to desire.

Red Alliance captured QPTT-F early in the morning but then only 4 hours later lost it to a N3 Prophecy fleet, the system is currently in a stalemate with neither side being able to place a TCU without fears of the other side destroying it before it onlines. Red Alliance also captured their first system in Insmother, 67Y-NR. Some might consider Insmother to be Red Alliance‘s homeland and so to many in Red Alliance today was a special day, it marked their return home, possibly the return to the old Red Alliance that was a powerhouse not so long ago.

Sunday December 1st 2013

Fidelas Constans started the day off by capturing another 3 systems in Etherium Reach. This brings them up to 15 systems out of 100 in the region, 15% region control, however it should be noted they currently have control of 0 outposts out of a potential 39 in the region. So far Fidelas Constans have been unopposed in their conquest in Etherium Reach. N3 will need to start deploying in the area to counter Fidelas Constans or risk loosing the entire Region to the CFC.

Insidious Empire took yet another system of Gentlemen’s Agreement today. Insidious Empire now has control over 15 systems in the region and have managed to push Gentlemen’s agreement back to only 1 system. No doubt this lonely system will fall soon and Insidious Empire will be called upon to re-deploy somewhere else. Personally i think they will deploy to Etherium Reach to counter the Fidelas Constans threat.

– Stainwagon alliance Darkness of Despair captured system DY-P7Q in Immensea off of Nulli Secunda, this is the first system Darkness of Despair has captured so far in the war and the first system to fall in Immensea. So far N3 have not been able to capture a single system that did not belong to them before the war but have so far lost quite a few, this war is certainly not going well so far for N3.

Red Alliance managed to capture Scalding Pass system QPTT-F, this brings their total number of systems in Scalding Pass to 7 out of a possible 81 systems. Solar Fleet also captured a system today, XVV-21 in Immensea. This is the 2nd system to be lost to outside forces in the region and the first system Solar Fleet has captured from N3 after their partial takeover of Querious earlier this autumn.