Bumping a ship in order to get it stuck in emergency warp alignment limbo when its pilot logs in is now considered an exploit.

Ships undergoing emergency warp upon appearing in space have no means to activate modules, cancel warp, or otherwise defend themselves during this period; they cannot be stopped by any warp disruption mechanic. Bumping them during this period renders the ship in question utterly helpless, against the intention of the game mechanics.


•           This does not apply to pilots who get legitimately aggressed under normal game mechanics, preventing their ships from disappearing from space. Use safe logoff whenever possible.

•           This specifically applies to those pilots who disappear from space after logoff and appear again upon logging in.

Thank you for your attention.

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  • erik

    right… so instead of getting of ur lazy icelandic arse and fixing the game mechanics u just tell ppl they cant use it…. awesomecake….
    seriously… make it so that supers cant be bumped… asif they r a floating station…. u mwd into it YOU bounce of and not the station / super… making it IMPOSSIBLE for supers to be bumped

    • Sno

      >Make it so that supers can’t be bumped
      I am so glad YOU don’t work for CCP

      • the one

        i think he means on the ewarp not in general u derp

        • Sno

          Considering the rest of his comment, you are the derp for not reading it fully.

          • best_burek

            So let me get this straight, you’re saying its ok to hit a frig against a titan and make it move uncontrollably in what ever direction. Its like saying a pebble hitting the earth and the earth spiraling out of control. I understand if larger ships such as BS or even BC bump the titan it should move a bit but not how it is right now.

          • Fartolio

            It’s ok if it’s me the bumper. It’s outrageous, horrific, uber-shitty and whatever, if i am the bumped. Still CCP’s lack of logic and reason is not something new. It’s all ok if it makes you spend 2 more dolla’. Some of the mechanics make even Beavis&Butthead feel like strong intelectuals.

          • Bring the Pain

            Sounds like we need kinetic potential calculations that properly takes both the mass and velocity of offending ships into consideration.

          • best_burek

            So get on it and post your findings maybee CCCP will take a hint and rework their game dynamics.

          • sadleric

            This actually takes place; the issue is that the mass of titans is absurdly small for its collision box and material cost. By raw mass of veldspar alone, Titans should weigh nearly an order of magnitude more than they do currently. Not having the figure on hand, someone else might pitch in here with the actual mass discrepancy.

          • Provi Miner

            dude there are zero mechanics in eve which relate to real physics stfu. lasers that only go 5 km? in space? WTF

          • best_burek

            According to you then when we hit a station with a frig it should go flying uncontrollably since CCCP aren’t using actual physics. Although, it would be fun to see a station get bumped

          • Ur Stupid

            Planets spin.

      • erik

        yerr me 2… i’am also glad i havent spend a single euro on this space themed chat program that ocassianly has a nice slow motion side show ( null sec fleet fights @ 10% tidi ) in 2 years… running out off isk tho…tik tak….

        i heard The Crew is gonna be a really cool mmo 🙂

    • Slysheep

      Dude grow up. Writing code takes time.

      You want a cookie?

    • Dumbcunt

      Mad ex-supercap pilot detected.

    • Loot Fairy

      Please point on the doll to the location where the bad Pandemic/Black Legion touched your super.

      • N3_Grunt

        You mean PL? Last time I checked, BL were relieved of their super fleet 😉

      • best_burek

        I like to be touched in fact I touch myself all the time. Its better if shamoo touches me it make me feel all fuzzy and warm inside. Ooooh I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

    • Ur Stupid

      Well first, they need to discuss how the best way to fix this mechanic would be, then, they need to figure out the code, then need to implement it and then give it an update with a load of other features. Dumbass.

  • Tiago D’Agostini

    SOmetimes is hard to judge how long it will take to fix it. If the engineer ssaida, sure, but we can only tackle that issue afetr this list of more urgent bugs and therefore the time of delivery shoudl be around June.

    Then its a non brainer to declare it an exploit

  • Titshit

    Welcome to my little pony online.
    good shit. if the pilot is offline he cant figure who or what bumped him.

    GG CCP
    Can’t wait for the “I WILL REPORT YOU” Tears

    Turning this awesome game in some fucking world of warcraft shit.
    If you log your shit with neuts/hostiles in local at random locations its your own fault. deal with it.

    • anonymous

      Really? How is it fair that a titan or supercarrier pilot should have to fear just hitting the log in button because someone can warp to them and bump their ship leaving them with no option to even shoot back at the person attacking them?

      • Fartolio

        …would you really log your super in without scouting? care to tell me where do you log off? plspls?

        • anonymous

          If I log off in a tower safely I expect to be back inside that tower when I log in.

          • Fartolio

            yeah, the safety…

          • David

            It’s generally agreed upon that a super logged in a low-sec tower is pretty safe for unscouted logins. Hence why that’s where 90% of them live.

            As long as the tower doesn’t change hands while you’re on break you’re good. Heck, even then, your odds are good since the guy has to be waiting in a hictor for you to land and not get screwed up by not knowing which direction you’ll bounce on warp-in.

      • Provi Miner

        then don’t log out (get it, this only happens when morons log in “to look around” and go “oh no my pussy hurts this might be dangerous better log out now”) Stay logged in and you land and you can fight

        • anonymous

          Way to completely miss everything that has been going on and the issue that is being discussed. I am so very sorry for you that mining in providence has not been profitable enough for you to get a supercarrier.

        • qwer

          So you would be fine if we turned logging to make stations kick you out and then keep you couple minutes not able to warp/dock/move?

      • HoboFajitaJesus

        death to all supers

    • rzr dude

      So you say if there is a neut in local we should not log in. This is eve online you moron, we log in cuz there are neuts in local and we wanna kill them.

      • Provi Miner

        then screw your option to log once you realize you might die, 20 min timer after log in would fix this. oh thats right you want to log in kill stuff and be perfectly safe by loggin out if the situation is not optimal for “YOUR” plan. got it now go cry me a river of tears biatch.

        • GFY

          You should really try and read. A 20 minute timer would fix nothing, and has no relavence on this situation,

        • sadleric

          So, it’s becoming clear you might be a little confused about the nature of this issue with respect to lack of control with forced warping upon logging in and warpout time with capitals.

      • Robo

        Well for razor they will logg in to kill something as long as it’s something like 30vs1/2/3 etc, couldn’t help myself sorry.

    • GFY

      Youre truly stupid. Go biomass.

    • David

      I’m pretty sure the problem *isn’t* logging in local at random locations, its logging off at a pos and logging in 1 million km away from the pos through no choice of your own, then getting bumped while you can’t maneuver, jump, cyno, or do anything but turn on hardeners and hope the guys bumping you forget to hit approach.

      I’m pretty sure this change does jack squat to stop you from getting killed at a scanned-down random location “safe”spot.

      So you need to work on your reading comprehension so you don’t look like a moron next time.

  • Matthew

    Coul deactivate warp mechanic if someone gets within 3k or just insta warp yhe fuckers to endpoiny anyways. Warping speed was slowed down so you’ll still know they are in system.

    • David

      Insta-warp I could see. Giving any way for e-warp to be disabled is not good tho. Could be used too easily to get capitals out of bad logout spots and to evac assets. (Undock from hellcamped station 3 seconds before DT, use alt to wait for clear d-scan/use low-value ships to pull probers out of position, warp to ship on login to cancel e-warp and instant jump out.) Removing e-warp in the first place could also be an option, although I suspect part of the reason it was implemented was to give a grace period on login where you’re safe while your client is loading, which e-warp makes slightly less awkward than the good old session timer invulnerability.

  • Zdrack

    I would say make them invulnerable during an ewarp, you can’t damage them in any way.

  • Dumbledore

    In other news, from now on it’s also an exploit to come up with new, clever tactics in game.

    • Andrew Metzger

      This tactic is clever, but who honestly did not think this was an exploit?

      If I have to buy, fuel, and defend a tower why should I be forced out of it? And even if I am, why should my ship be completely paralyzed?

  • Robo

    Sort used to be more man than woman. He would lead noble fleets outnumbered against the cfc blob/Rus many a year ago and give honour fights.
    Saddens me to learn he had to call for far advantageous help against ages kadeshi.
    Could also say a lot for his trust in those around him not being of any use I suppose.