On Sunday November 24th, 2013 Brave Collective (BRAVE) began to form a fleet for fun. With about 50+ folks in fleet they decided to go shoot some TEST Alliance, paying one of their stations a visit. After camping their undock with relatively no activity the decision was made to head to VFK (the Goon capital of EVE) and shoot them. Hell, it was only 22 jumps away right? What could possibly happen?

This is one Brave fleets story:

  • GrouchyOldGamer

    That is one of the most entertaining Eve videos I’ve seen in ages. Wish I’d been in VFK.

  • Dumbledore

    I admire the BNI attitude. Can I re-sub an alt and join you guys?

    • Bryon

      Create a you shall not pass fleet and become a FC : BNI 4 life

      • Dumbledore

        Wrong wizard.

        • Gandalf

          Real wizards do not use wands.

  • Seraph IX Basarab

    Is that Roger from American Dad on comms?

  • arkady

    Stop littering on our doorstep you little bastards! :grrBNI:

    • OPSEC Duder

      Shouldn’t YOU be in G-O shooting at me?

      • banned username

        with 30k+ members im sure they can spare a few. i heard they wanted to go easy on you this time

  • -_-

    wow ^_^
    Very good vid wonder how pandemic dot would fair, dropping caps in goon sov reinforcing then leaving.
    why not make them play two fronts as well only 99% goons aren’t in capitols that can bounce around with ease. even if its ineffective it would still be a poke in the eye.

    • arkady

      50 BNIs in thoraxes were ignored. a couple of hundred caps would not. We loooove killing caps/supers.

      • -_-

        indeed, cfc’s overall kill count is incredible. what is it up to now? about 1/4 of the dread fleet BL use to have?

      • EmperorCrash

        If 50 thoraxs were ignored so would the caps

  • Danny Payne

    Made me laugh this video, looks like these had a good laugh 🙂

  • Lux0r

    +1 for having fun!

  • EmperorCrash

    nicely done

  • GSection

    Great video, good to see people have fun instead of taking themselves to seriously

  • mrcrazy_monkey

    VFK by 2014?

    • Titshit

      ask test.

  • Andrew Metzger

    I remember that sense of surprise from my first trip to period basis, null is so empty. so much wasted space.

  • Duh

    Nobody is in VFK but useless carebears hth, all the pvprs are in Curse

  • Justin May

    First time an eve video of a roam made me laugh out loud. I kinda wanna join up.

  • aralieus

    fkn <3 Newbies 😉

  • Simon pieman

    Love these guys.

  • person

    and that’s how eve is meant to be played, no fucks given, yoloing into anything they can find and most importantly just having fun!

    • GFY

      When you dont have anything, sure its nofksgiven. Just wait till they get bored with the little nothing fleets, and get into stuff that actually digs in their pocket and time. Start owning SOV, CTA’s, major losses from spias. Members getting bored, and the inevitable failscade.

      • person

        lol “little nothing fleets” what constitutes a “something fleet”? numbers/ship types/fleet objective? Being involved in sov 0.0 is a choice and if you don’t like it, take a page out of BNI’s book and go somewhere you can concentrate on enjoying yourself!

    • deadserious

      No. EVE is not supposed to be fun. EVE is about proving your superiority by winning. BNI is running a 55.18% efficiency for the month (EVE-kill). Therefore they are shit.

      • person

        i know one of the best pvpers in game, he kills 1 cyno frig a month and never dies, which gets him 100% efficiency, what a badass

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