CCP has made the first step towards more cloaky ships with the SOE ships that came out with Rubicon. Today the following news was shared with the EVE community earlier today:

According to reports, associates of the Angel Cartel, Blood Raiders, Guristas, Intaki Syndicate, and Serpentis have been putting out feelers amongst capsuleers about recovering equipment salvage from the so-called “ghost sites” that have been appearing recently. These ghost sites, which have been declared off-limits by CONCORD, appear to be related to some form of cutting-edge research being conducted by various outlaw groups. In addition to retrieving numerous pieces of salvage and blueprints for the manufacture of ‘Ascendency’ implants, many have also taken “covert research tools” from the sites. It is apparently these tools which are being sought out by the pirate groups. Rumors indicate that the pirates will soon be creating buy orders through go-betweens in order to recover them.

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The only pirate race next to The Sisters of EVE that have covert ops ships are The Angel Cartel. Im very interested in interested in what the eve devs will come up with because this will definitely affect EVE in a huge way.

do you have any ideas about the new covert ops ships? then please let us know in the discussion box below!



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