The meeting was held today at 3:45 eve time on coalition comms. In the following video Skip to 14:55 for the start of the actual meeting (beforehand is just music)

A few notes i took for those of you who prefer reading:

– This war started off because of Solar blueing Stainwagon and deploying to KDF-GY
– n3 feel this is an incredibly aggressive approach and from this point they would be able to hit the majority of immensea, instead of standing around waiting for this they have decided to go on the offensive.
– At the moment n3 feel that Stainwagon outnumber them especially in the early eu timezone.
– N3 let stainwagon take their space back and even helped them by moving emp up north for example, they have been in friendly discussions with them and felt things were going well.
– N3 feel that stainwagon thought they needed a war, N3 also think that Stainwagon are not ready for this (i.e not having cyno jammers up in staging systems)
– Stainwagon have blued Solar/Black legion and razor (not confirmed and for what purposes this could be)
– Stainwagon told n3 “right to their face” they were not going to do a sov war, and this is what this is (based on N3 opinions)
– Russians (in general) do not like N3 and their community has something against it
– Alot of n3’s timers are set to early us tz, the worst possible place for russians and the best possible place for n3, also good time for black legion but this should generate content.
– N3 are looking to provide content out of this war by producing alot of fights and trying to win the majority of those fights to give their members alot of fun.
AAA are at this point DD pets.
– N3 expect this to become a dogpile.
– Stainwagon is not has big as N3 and has less competent FC’s.
– N3 should be able to win this war, in the beginning at least.
– Winter is no longer coming, it is here.

They then go on to ask some questions:

Q. How is N3 logistics?
A. Fine, takes a little time to get rolling but should be ok. We are moving different alliances to different locations in null sec at the moment. We operate better in alliance run fleets with coalition doctrines on coalition comms rather then the coalition all sharing fleets.

Q. Is the plan to take over catch?
A. The plan is to keep fighting, solar/black legion are not too great of allies with Stainwagon so this is just mainly a message to Darkness of Despair to ditch them.

Q. What will be the coalition fleet comps?
A. Mainly what we have been using before (i.e ishtars and proteus) also malestroms which will become our lower sp/utility option, junior fc’s will run the maelstrom fleets because they are easier to fc.

Q. What about provi-bloc?
A. Not to be offensive to the guys but they are not really relevant, we have been talking to them but fighting isn’t their thing. They are more about small gang stuff 10-20 man (Journalist note: Have they even been reading the news?) we’ve been farming them for a while now but we can say that they are 100% not on the side of AAA.

Q. What are goals for harassment, small/medium gang stuff?
A. We dont want to do the CFC thing of making you guys bash towers in bombers, main goals will be disrupting their logistics and getting as many fights as possible out of these guys.

Q. What about PL, will they join in?
A. PL has PL’s interests at mind and that is how PL works, may or may not see them but they said they support any conflict against AAA/DD. (Journalist note: There is 0% chance PL will not get involved on the side of N3 in this conflict, 0%.)

Q. Are we expecting the CFC?
A. Why not? It would be wise to expect the CFC to come, they will dogpile on the conflict in any way they can.

State of the coalition then ends as they form up into fleets for the 17:10 (eve time) timer on the I-HUB in GE-8JV.