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AAA targets next Provi-block held system, ZQ-Z3Y

October 31, 2013

On the 23rd of August the first systems in catch fell to Against all authorities, since that time Against all authorities have been working to reclaim all of their ancestral homeland. When Against all authorities began hitting the CVA held system of ERVK-P Provi-block rose up to chase the attackers out of what is largely regarded as “Greater Providence space” by many. When The Initative. decided to take the initiative and leave The Dinner Squadron and head to Delve they left Tribal Band as the Stewards of Catch. Tribal Band took the challenge on and charged into battle against the Russians. Unfortunately for them they lost the battle and soon fail cascaded. A deal was then struck between The Initiative and Volition cult, The Initiative would transfer 6 systems in Northern catch (Bordering the Volition cult owned system of ZQ-Z3Y) to Volition cult ownership. Volition cult seeing that Against all authorities would soon be the undisputed owners of Catch asked Against all authorities for their blessing to take these systems, Against all authorities refused to let them take the systems. The battle of ERVK-P then took place and since that time we have seen no Russian movements in Northern Catch, until now. Starting 6 days ago Against all authorities declared war on Volition cult officially, they war decced volition cult and began to SBU Y-MPWL (home of volition cult), and SBU ZQ-Z3Y (a volition cult held system in northern catch) reports have it that Against all authorities have used Supers to quickly Reinforce the I-HUB and Station in ZQ and have logged them off in Y-M.

Recently I sat down with Corebloodbrothers (Head FC of provi-block and a well known and respected member of Volition cult) and Alhana Starrbreeze (Leader of Against all authorities) to discuss the situation.

flatterpillo > So recently we’ve seen a drastic increase in AAA’s activity in Catch and VOLT areas of Providence, what are you looking to achieve from this?
Alhana Starrbreeze > as i said we will take all systems in catch.
flatterpillo > What about your activity in Providence? Are you looking to invade providence?
Alhana Starrbreeze > We don’t want to invade Providence because it’s such a good place to teach our junior fcs 🙂
flatterpillo > it would appear as if you have a grudge against VOLT, is this true and if so why?
Alhana Starrbreeze > They have been running to hi sec when fighting against us in hed
flatterpillo > what of the SBU’s you have been putting up in Y-M recently?
Alhana Starrbreeze > They are just for good fights
flatterpillo > At the moment Volition cult has 5 war dec’s against them, initially AAA war decced them, over the space of a few days we have seen 4 more war dec’s added onto your initial one. Did AAA hire mercenary groups to war dec Volition cult?
Alhana Starrbreeze > We are not inviting people to this war. I don’t know why they joined in, we can kick volition cult without the need to hire mercenaries 🙂

There are a few holes in Alhana’s story though. Syrian Natural Gas Co., The Marmite Collective and The Pursuit of Happiness are all mercenary groups. Why would they war dec Volition cult if not hired by someone? While it is certainly possible that AAA hired these mercenary groups to harass Volition cult operations in high-sec there is also another possibility.

After the recent battles of 9UY4-H and their unsucsessful attempt to turn the station in 9UY4-H into a Freeport, Insidious Empire have decided to head home.

Phreeze sent this alliance mail out a few days ago:

We’ve had great fleets this deployment, big fights with 1600+ in local, had good laughs while welping CVA nerds into several traps, we’ve seen new FC’s dipping their toes into alliance-wide fleets, and who can ever forget our involvement in Asakai 2.0; the destruction of the BL super fleet.To all good things however must come an end, and this rapid deployment will end on November 6th.Up till Nov 6th daily fleets will still be going out, we still have CSAA’s planned in a couple of hours and if they happen to be saved we will re-reinforce them for a weekend time to end this deployment with some sweet coathangering.Our recon team will be providing limited cyno-chains back up to Cobalt Edge on the 7th and 8th in both EU and US tz’s. However if you have a chain available and you are about to light it, try to get as many ppl with you as you can and share the love.After our deployment is done, for all nefarious deeds
I refer you towards signing up to the Blops group who are going to be doing some cool stuff.

After this announcement some Insidious empire members began wondering what those who did not own a black ops ship would do. Phreeze was quick to react with this alliance mail:

So recently there’s been some talk about going Freighter ganking https://forum.insidiousempire.net/index.php?topic=1637.0 and a lot of people seemed interested in the notion, so I’m stepping up to herd the cats. Assuming no CTAs get scheduled during the fleet window the fleet will be as per the following:FC: MeWhat: Gank Brutix (60m, 1203dps)Tornado/Talos(95m, 1547dps) Gank Thorax(23m, 884dps) Gank Catalyst(12m, 686dps) Newbro ~sopoor~ Catalyst(1.4m isk, 400dps)Where: Leaving from Assah in newbships, and swing by Amarr on the way to Niarja.Duration: Untill we get bored and/or drop below the critical mass necessary to make kills.Reimbursable: No, but if we get all the ships/alts necessary we may be able to scoop the wrecks and make some money. I won’t make any promises because while I’ve seen 30 Tengus dropped in one gank I’ve also seen 10B of BPOs get destroyed, it’s shit luck on what survives.We’re also going to need decent numbers for this because
the more people we have the less expensive it gets. EX: a catalyst does 1/2 the damage of a Brutix but costs only 1/5th as much so if we get good numbers everyone can fly cheap shit. A note on the Talos, unless you have T2 Large Hybrids fly a Brutix, you all should have Medium T2 Hybrids so that’s probably going to be the ship w/ the best damage for you.Before this fleet every pilot attending needs to get their sec status to -4.0 or higher, preferably above -3.5. If your below that the faction police will bend you over and fuck your ass as soon as you idle on grid for more than 3 seconds. We will mock you. Fortunately for the lazy nerds among us (including myself) CCP added tags in Odyssey that you can redeem for security status, they’re actually pretty cheap to buy off the open market. I’ll put fits up shortly.

Watch out High-sec dwellers, Insidious empire is on the move.

So with insidious empire leaving, what will happen to Noir. and Sound? Well put your tin-foil hats on for a second gents and lets see where we can go with this.
What does AAA want from Provi? good fights. What does AAA not want from Provi? for it to be a threat to its holdings in Catch. Why would current providence be a problem to AAA? Lets say AAA gets involved in the upcoming war between CFC and N3 and joins either side, they deploy south into either Querious or Immensea and so they are deployed away from providence for a while, lets say Providence then decides that actually they want their systems in Northern catch back (ERVK-P, ZQ-Z3Y, etc.) this could seriously cripple AAA’s war contribution. So how does AAA stop this problem before it can become a problem? They need to weaken Providence to the point where it can no longer be considered a threat. We’ve already seen how Provi-Bloc could nearly take on Stainwagon at the battle of ERVK-P and with the recent events in 9UY4-H Providence is certainly maturing itself into a semi-capable PVP entity. So how would AAA weaken providence? Well 2 options really, they could attempt to separate North and South providence which would severly hurt their logistical capabilites but CVA could just reclaim a system in North Provi and setup a Jump Bridge from that system to their staging system. OR AAA could remove the strongest holder in Provi-bloc, Volition cult. With Volition cult out of the picture, Provi-bloc would loose their most competent FC and an alliance that can field 100+ on a bad night. AAA could always target CVA but it is doubtful they would be able to get a entity whos entire existence revolves around Providence to leave Providence, Volition cult however has been around since 2006 and has only recently (last year) joined Provi-Bloc and so would undoubtfuly be easier to remove from the equation.

But what about Noir./Sound? Well keep in mind that this summer we saw the Provi-bloc civil war erupt between SOUND and VOLT (yes the rest of Provi-bloc joined onto VOLT’s side but VOLT was the main target of much of SOUND’S hate campaigns.) What if Noir./Sound are helping out AAA and hiring Merc’s in exchange for AAA helping them turn 9UY4-H into a free port? Well this idea could certainly be a possibility but honestly? its doubtful. Consider the fact that in the most recent battle for 9UY4-H we saw Stainwagon helping out Provi-Bloc to keep the attackers achieving their objective of turning 9UY4-H into a freeport.

Ok, tinfoil hats off. Lets get back to the facts.

The I-HUB was set to come out 12:30 eve time this morning. Provi-Bloc formed up a sentry fleet to defend the I-HUB shield timer, Against all authorities showed up with a handful (30 tops) of oracles which were quickly dispatched by Provi-Bloc forces. Provi-Bloc then dropped dreadnoughts onto field to quickly remove the SBU’s in system. They then proceeded to rep up the I-HUB. The station timer is set to come out at 1900 tomorrow. With the recent battles for 9UY4-H we saw the whole of eve (not literally) get involved with the fighting, mainly just to get kills, will we see this again with ZQ-Z3Y? and more importantly after Provi-Bloc’s loss at ERVK-P against the Stainwagon forces and with their Victory at 9UY4-H against Insidious Empire forces, does providence now have the experience,confidence and manpower to stem the Russian advance into Provi-bloc held Northern catch? or will this system fall as so many have over the years to AAA.