“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” – Albert Einstein

Last year in 2012 as i’m sure many of you are aware, The Wis was ganked in the Gallente ice interdiction on his 25 accounts, following this there was a huge ordeal with what The Mittani said at fanfest resulting in The Mittani being banned for 30 days, resigning from his position as Chairman of CSM7 and forfeiting his right to run for CSM8.

Well The Wis is back and quickly got back to his old habits of multi boxing Mackinaws while high sec ice mining, things were going well with The Wis banking some nice cash when someone found him.

On the 20th of October 2013 a forum post was submitted to the General discussion. In that post this picture in particular is of significance. While Hinata’ Hyuga From The Dark Triad might of thought she had successfully hidden the location of the Mackinaw gang by cropping the picture to exclude certain bits of information, she unfortunately forgot about the Stargate at the bottom of the picture.

On the 24th of October, 4 days after the post went up a member of SniggWaffe got in contact with Operative X10-4. Operative X10-4 is a member of Sepultura. a Syndicate based corporation for people who speak Portuguese. While most of their time is spent pvping in Syndicate they occasionally take weekend trips to jita to gank any targets of opportunity they happen to come across.

So after receiving this information Operative X10-4 quickly got together with a few of his corp mates and called in some of his friends from elsewhere in the universe. They quickly got to work and began plotting to take down the Mackinaw fleet. They decided to go with Smartbombing tempests, with its 8 high slots, relatively cheap price and being the best looking battleship it was a sturdy choice.

After positioning themselves 1 jump out from Hadji they patiently awaited for The Wis to log on his legions of alts. As the Mackinaws got busy crushing ice, the gankers waited a few minutes, calculating that The Wis would go AFK and allow his alts to continue mining in his absence.

As the gankers patiently waited they got a Cloaked Hound in position and patiently waited for the signal to jump through the gate and warp to the hound. As the cloaked hound got in the perfect position he called over comms and the gang of Tempest’s + 2 Megathrons jumped through the gate and warped onto the Hound, as they landed the Hound warped off and the battleships unleashed hell onto the Mackinaws.

2 minutes and 39 dead Mackinaw’s later Concord came in to kill off the tempest’s. At a loss of approximately 1billion isk the gankers managed to kill off 15b isk worth of Mackinaw’s, a nice catch and all thanks to one little error in a cropped image and a player looking for attention on the forums. Albert Einstein was certainly right.

Video of the gank

Credit to Operative X10-4 for providing the intel.