The Stratios model was recently finished and skinned on The Singularity server and a youtube video has been made detailing the beauty of this ship.

The Stratios Cruiser is one of the new Sisters of Eve ships that has sparked much dispute in the New eden community, for a good reason, currently the ship has the following stats:

Role Bonus: 50% bonus to Medium Energy Turret optimal range
Role Bonus: 37.5% increase Scan Prob Strength
Role Bonus: +10 Virus strength for Relic and Data Analyzers

Can fit Covert Ops Cloaking devices

Amarr Cruiser Bonus: 4% bonus to Armor Resists

Gallente Cruiser Bonus: 10% bonus to Drone hitpoints and damage

Slot layout: 5H, 5M, 5L; 4 turrets, 0 launchers
Fittings: 920 PWG, 400 CPU
Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 1950 / 2400 / 2450
Capacitor (amount) : 1700
Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 182 / .47 / 9350000 / 6.09s
Drones (bandwidth / bay): 125 / 500
Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 55km / 275 / 7
Sensor strength: 20
Signature radius: 150
Cargo Capacity: 550

Many people are concerned that this ship has the drone capabilities of a battleship, the sig radius of a cruiser, the align time of a frigate and it can fit a covert ops cloak (allowing it to warp while cloaked) some people have called this ship “absurd”.

CCP have stated that they have designed this ship for exploration but with a possible setup like this one there are fears this ship could become a gate campers’ dream come true. Many players have compared the Stratios cruiser to that of a cloaky Proteus, but unlike the Proteus this cruiser will not lose the pilot precious skill points on death and most likely will be alot cheaper then a fully fitted t3 cruiser making it potentially the new choice for Wormhole gangs.

Many players have called for CCP to re-balance the ship due to their opinions of it being overpowered, so what about your thought? is the ship overpowered in your opinion? why? or would this perhaps create a new dynamic for small gang pvp?