Hilarious Ventrilo recording of Imperial 0rder (I0) when they lost a Hel and Aeon supercarrier (the second selfdestructed) and multiple carriers.

Imperial 0rder Vent recording (by bobbechk from PL)

Recording courtesy of Bobbechk (Pandemic Legion).

Good mood changed by anger and despair, lot of speculations who the spy is, and which groups set this trap up. Some strong words used (so be carefull:). And some guy almost crying.

Imperial 0rder:http://evemaps.dotlan.net/alliance/Imperial_0rder
KB link:

  • Mhodi

    if that is what you all consider rage… You are severely mistaken…

  • legion

    not much emo in that, but interesting i suppose

  • Nekre

    I wonder how many of the big alliances PL have infiltrated ?

  • Dirala

    amazing how calm they stayed. Respekt.

    No rage, no strong words from what I can tell.

  • anon

    Our PL spy is actually quite open about it…

    Sounds like a very small group in vent so working out who the spy is should be easy.

    I'd look at the guy in the clean shirt first.

  • isaac

    cool story bro, i have to agree i didn't hear rage

  • Barry

    Rage? Anger and despair? Maybe a little disappointment and frustration, but don't let the facts get in the way of a good fake headline eh?

  • I think they took it fairly well, a couple moms for an alliance that small is p.significant.

    Best of luck IO