Update from Striker (C0VEN):

Since the end of war with Systematic Chaos Eso/Stain/PB was really quiet and boring. With SE we were roadtripping near dronelands. South-east was pretty empty all the time (with Bricks in Gemi and only occasionally roams of LR). Things started to be interesting again when the Romanian Civil War broke out. With Romanian Legion (the better, pvp oriented part of old LR) roaming Stain and PB, fighting Sysk/LR, new residents like Session Changes, Warped Aggresion, lately Reckoning and some Atlas remnants + White Noise, Stain became interesting part of space again. So we decided to come back and have some good fights.

Our roaming target became Period Basis as Romanian Civil War provided great opportunities for 3-way fights. Few times we joined up during a slugfest between RL and Sysk/LR (occasionally helping RL cuz they are constantly blobbed). We usually won decisively but to be true Sysk fleets became more of a challenge lately. Some of their new corps, especially The Ankou significantly rised their pvp capabilities (bhaalgorns + machariels in roaming gangs and frequently supercarrier hotdrops in PB) + Darth (their fc) became pretty capable fc himself. Tl;dr: sysk became bigger challenge and they frequently put up a fight whats a great change comparing to Esoteria war. Their constant losses against our hac lr gangs made them to rethink their strategy and use alpha tempests + scorps combo which was a good idea.

2 days ago we had a fun fight in 1-n. SE + C0ven brought 75 man drake fleet (19 scimitars, 40 drakes, zealots/cerbs/tengus) against Systematic Chaos + Galactic Syndicate cta fleet of 160 battleships med rr with about 20 tempests and 10 scorps. We knew they were going to shoot Reckoning poses in Stain so we were sure we’ll have a fight. We jumped on their fleet to 1-n, local spiked to 270, slugfest began. First part of the fight was pretty one sided as we were killing them pretty easly. However after about 10 minutes they finally managed to shoot primary on 3,2,1 so our 130k ehp tengus started to melt in like 3 seconds oneshotted by 100 battleships. As podded sysk members were coming in new ships all the time and we were taking losses, we decided to warp out.

KB links:

we managed to loose about 50+ ships, killed 45 so fight was pretty even considering numbers.

Yesterday we decided to come back with our standard hac lr fleet and with a small surprise for them. We formed up with 60+ hacs with scimitars, couple lachesis, couple commands, dictors/probers + a surprise package – bomber wing. Romanian Legion contacted us and offered to spark a fight with 40 man sysk bs gang and 30 LR bs gang that were camping them nearby pa-v.

We came to PB, Sysk fleet and LR ran to their home systems. We invited 25 man Romanian Legion drakes to our gang and decided to pursue Sysk fleet. As usually they didnt let us down and they formed 80 man bs rr gang with about 12-14 tempests and 8 scorps (which was pretty good idea against drakes one day before). They were joined by 30 man BS LR gang of Legiunea ROmana. We tried to spark a fight in 1-n, but they didnt want to engage so we jumped back to vr and reapproached a gate. However our surprise was still in 1-n – 8 bombers set on bombing range on vr gate in 1-n. Sysk/LR/Galactic Syndicate finally came to the gate at 0, put bubbles up so we jumped.

We quickly mwd’ed on optimals while killing all scorpions on the field. When we finally reached 100km we switched on legiunea romana lr battleships that were at 0-20 km from us. In the same time our sb’s deployed bombs on selfbubbled sysk bs rr gang killing about 15 bs’s and forcing another 20 to jump out. Rest of them was slaughtered in next few minutes.

We thought the fight is over so we shot wrecks and approached gate to VR. On the other side scout reported 20+ Sysk battleships camping gate, so we jumped in again, burned to optimals and killed all enemy tempests (about 10) failing to alpha our ships. As we thought it was a bait, cyno lit up and 4 The Ankou moms (2 aeons, 2 nyxes) + 12 carriers dropped on us. We got optimals again, bubbled them up and shot constant stream of battleships and support jumping from 1-n. Carriers were repping some ships, but most of them was alpha’d before capitals could lock them. After about 5 minutes I failed and burned all my guns + I had a phone so I gave command to another fc & went afk. Ten minutes later i came back, fleet was still shooting Sysk, but I decided its time to regroup. Fleet warped out (I thought we were lossing:P) checked the situation on ss and decided to aggro again. However Systematic’s thought its the end of fight and they jumped out most of the carriers while they still had archon and 4 moms with about 20 battleships at the gate to 1-n. Now the real slaughter began as most of Sysk pilots have already lost 2 or 3 ships and their moms and archon were tackled again. Another wave of falcons, hurricanes and apocs came from 1-n trying to kill our dictors and lachesis, however in about next 20 minutes they all died leaving on the field 2 aeons and 2 moms. However after 1 hour of constant fight most of us ran out of ammo, so our dps were pretty low. We switched to clsoe range ammo and come close to them, however another 20 man wave of sysk jumped in so before we killed them 2 aeons and nyx managed to get out of bubbles and jump out. Last nyx smartbombed bubbles and warped to planet and jumped out before we could tackle him again. So a big fuck up on our side at the end of the fight.

All in all, in 1,5 h constant slugfest in 1-n and VR we managed to kill 170+ Systematic Chaos/LR/Galactic Syndicate ships while loosing about 35, mostly ceptors and dictors. Things could be different if we had transport ships with ammo with us

KB links: – 1-n fight with bombing run included, – vr fight with moms tackled.

System Locations:


  1. JP Stellar

    Sorry, but this article is rather misleading…at least from the eyes of this PB resident. Seems to me SysK/GalSyn have either held their own or won most of these encounters. This includes the huge slugfest 2 weeks ago which I would label a draw. This last weekend was the first decisive victory in PB for you guys in some time involving large fleets. Again, this is at least from my perspective on the other side of the fence. Either way, the fights have been pretty epic. Grats on your latest win and looking forward to the payback.

    September 8, 2010 at 03:04
  2. Union

    lol, I remember being in XSEXX when I played EVE… and the constant roams you guys + Brick + PL did in Period Basis camping our stations and locking up our industry… Tried to warn them the region would end up as a blood bath… cocky carebears didn't listen…

    Good to see the KM's to prove I was right… good fight, and fly safe…

    September 8, 2010 at 03:09
  3. SC Fanboi

    Seriously, this article needs to be cleaned up. It's so confusing.

    September 8, 2010 at 06:55
  4. Ramdeon
    September 10, 2010 at 15:08
  5. XGSX Resident

    If you include SYS-K and LR ships, the fight mentioned on 9/4/2010 might be a draw, but if you look at Galactic Syndicate alone, you get a much differant picture. Us "cocky carebears" hold our own in fleet fights. If the "former XSEXX" poster is who I think it is, he was booted for being a suspected spy who didn't do anything for the alliance anyways besides loose Navy Ravens to bombers. Obviously we loose a few and win a few, but so does everybody.

    The coven/se fight on 9/4/2010:

    Total 67 kills to 22 losses from our perspective…

    Also, we did not wait "10 minutes" to begin working properly. We staged off-gate, then warped into the bubble you planted and began instantly calling 1 2 3 targets.

    To be fair, SE/Coven put up a hell of a good fight. It was a lot of fun on both sides. Good fights all around.

    Period Basis is a target rich enviroment, but it's not a blood bath as previously indicated. It's a lot better then Eso these days. Eso's just a ghost town. I've lost track of how many times I've seen A1-AUH empty and the station sitting there in orbit looking like a lonely kid that just wants a friend to play with.

    September 11, 2010 at 12:07
  6. Projectseven

    Just thought i would let you coven know, xsexx corp was about half the pvpers and most of the caps of GS and we got dramabombed for looking at other options then a renter alliance. So next time you folks tour PB expect less numbers from GS. Also, like how you dont bash opponents in this post. Makes it more of a game then a troll. Lots of respect for you lot, would possibly try applying if i wasnt a dirty american!

    September 17, 2010 at 03:38
  7. Projectseven

    and to "xgsx resident" see how you hold up without xsexx.

    September 17, 2010 at 03:39
  8. Ex-GS Resident

    Seeing as I am in the sexx, I'll hold up just fine. Try and guess who this is and I'll give you something you really want.

    As he said though, Space Explorations and Excavations was kicked out, so coven/se are basically just gonna be fighting SYS-K proper from now on with minimal GS involvement.

    September 18, 2010 at 02:40
  9. Projectseven

    lol try to guess who THIS is and ill give you what you already got from me (my seed)

    September 20, 2010 at 06:06

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