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Epic battlereport: RORZ-H Hot Drake on Drake Action

September 2, 2010

Battlereport from Elise Randolph (Dead Terrorists)

Déjà vu all over again. The system was RORZ, we got the call that NC was forming to shoot the DT ihub that was coming out. The COURAGEOUS FREEDOM FIGHTERS of DT, Ev0ke, and CH, formed once more in Drakes and Scimitars, with vigorous allies NC DOT opting to come in bombers. The REAL NC switched it up this time bringing three different fleets: A Drake/Shield Logi fleet led by the pets, an AB Armor HAC fleet led by REAL NC, and a small Bomber wing; nearly four-hundred in total. Our fleet was a svelte one-eighty. Our FC instructed us to get our game faces on and we fearlessly charged into battle.

Game on~ We dropped out at the ihub and began slugging it out. Well, sort of; module lag was, non-surprisingly, terribad. Our highly-trained Logistics pilots, who as legend has it train tirelessly for battles like this, managed to keep up with hostile deeps fairly well. On average we were losing one hero for every five infidels slain. Utilizing the famous Jumping Spider Technique, we were able to mitigate incoming damage fairly well while laying vital blow after blow to the NC Fleets.

After nearly two hours of constant fighting, with the NC fleet warping off and back on top of us several times, their resolve began to waiver. Their pilots were clearly paralyzed with fear and disbelief after our stunning display and began breaking rank. “Where is :fc name:? Did he leave us to die?”, “:pilot name: is getting huge reps we should switch!”, and “according to killboard we were 394 against 187 how the fuck could we loose[sic]?” could be heard amongst their fleet. Shortly thereafter the fleet warped to the safety of their POS, leaving us to salvage the battlefield.

The SBUs still posed a threat to the safety of the system, so we began calling for Supercarriers to nuke the threat. Unfortunately for us, spatial distortions forbade us from locking onto the cyno, so the SBUs would have to remain. With the enemy fleet and morale soundly defeated, we decided to head back home. BUT WAIT. Intel reports came in that an eighty-man BLADE gang was coming to join the fray. Joy, round two was on!

The BLADE gang jumped in to our small bait fleet and quickly were awestruck by a clearly awesome sight: Drakes. In reality, they probably were awestruck by black-screen. With the system still being very laggy, we were only manage to tackle about thirty of their gang, with eight of our righteous warriors falling in battle.

The fight was over, we were once again victorious. We mourned the loss of our fellow pilots who gave everything they could, but their sacrifices helped us achieve victory so they will live on in spirit. On the day tactics, experience, and logistics won handily over pure numbers.

Kills and losses are still coming in, but preliminary results show nearly 250 kills to 50 losses. I’m certain both numbers will go up slightly, but those numbers paint a very accurate picture. Being in a Logistics ship this time I can say for certain that people who broadcasted lived more often than not.

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