Atlas member quote:

How the hell do you think people get shit out of stations they lose? Do you understand that since the start of space holding in 0.0 there has been tried and true ways to get shit out of 0.0 after you lose it. You dont have to pay off an enemy to move shit.

You sell it, or move it later. Thats how it has always been done. Always. Always…..
What happened here was a few people used alliance money as collateral to save super caps – money those cap builders should have put up. The ‘deal’ was also made without anyone knowing but the few random people who build super caps, and a few people in leadership who still gave enough to pay attention. Since when did this alliance give two shits about super caps. We didn’t owe cap builders – we had a debt to dead caps before unbuilt ones. A debt that can hardly be covered now if we lose the collateral money some people decided to post up. Does the alliance really expect all the cap builders (some who didnt have a fking clue about this deal) to sell their cap cheap to help pay back debts that the alliance could have covered to begin with?

We sold out for a few cap builders. The ONE chance of keeping this place together died with the deal that was made. Dont go on about that bullshit about letting solo pilots or corps get shit out. Anyone worth a damn that plays EVE knows they can get that shit out or sell it at some point. And to all those 1500 members who didnt have any idea about any of this until a few horrible (WRONG) posts by Gloria.. I feel for you.

Cleaning off the stain of Atlas will be hard. Bobby was a fag who in many ways helped ruin this alliance – but what happened after he left was by far the greatest failure any alliance has ever seen in this game, EVER.
Pride does count for something, even in a game.

Dieing with dignity is what allows alliances like RA, IT, and PL to make such dramatic comebacks. The well being of a few people/corporations wallets wasn’t worth the soul of this alliance, or its member corporations chance at a future together.

UPDATE: Information source Tomcat (WI.)


  1. Come on Czech if you’re going to use my material at least give me proper credit 😛

    September 2, 2010 at 11:42
  2. this is now a WIDOT post? XD

    September 2, 2010 at 17:42
  3. An)nym0us

    Come on Czech it's been days now; fix the banner already. ATLAS loses space, not looses.

    September 3, 2010 at 07:46

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