Obviously the most significant event of August is the defeat of Atlas Alliance and capture of its territories. The blue spot in the south-east lost its former shape and shrank considerably. The major part of it was repainted red by Red Alliance. Its allies in the campaign White Noise and Pandemic Legion also claimed their parts. Scalding Pass went to Cursed Alliance. The Initiative also were expeditious enough to seize their piece of the pie from their former ally. The whole picture is not final yet, but the finishing accord in this symphony of redistribution is a question of the nearest future.

In Deklein Goonswarm Federation successfully inhabited territories that formerly belonged to Tau Ceti Federation and shared them with Test Alliance.

In Providence the souvereignity of Ushra’Khan Alliance, who had not managed to recover from the betrayal of their chief diplomat, passed to Against All Authorities and En Garde.

The most outstanding hot spots, that have not colored the political map of Eve yet, were those:

Geminate, that is under hard pressure delivered by the Northern Coalition. The united force of Majesta Empire and RAGE with support of Stella Polaris, Rebellion and cap fleet of Morsus Mihi, is going to reclaim the region, seized by Red Alliance and Solar Fleet earlier in this year. It is hard to predict the forthcoming events here. Now done with Atlas, Red Alliance and their allies have an ability to attend to this problem with care. Of course if they choose to, as rumours tell that RA is quite satisfied with their recent acquisitions and would not be extremely obstinate about Geminate leaving it to its former owners.
Cobalt Edge, where Intrepid Crossing successfully repelled the infringements of the Northern Coalition – yes, them again. Most probably, NC may choose to give up this campaign, especially if their conquest in Geminate requires greater efforts.

Cloud Ring, where Ev0ke and Co. were lucky and professional enough at the both fronts so far. From the south they withstand the illogical rush from IT Alliance and in the north they confront Northern Coalition (these guys are everywhere). If the rumors prove to be true, and IT withdraws its fleet, the chances for NC victory here will be greatly reduced.

Written by Elly Rock of [BMRUS]


  1. Eejit

    The Providence section is actually incorrect in every regard.

    U'K/D'K gave up their Catch sov to En Garde/AAA not their Providence sov.

    Also they did recover fairly well from the betrayal but are under a new name, hence all their Provi systems have been transferred to Damu'Khonde – which houses the former Ushra'Khan corps and players.

    September 2, 2010 at 15:03
  2. Eejit

    Well the new wording is more accurate, but the phrasing isn’t too clear.

    Also it appears from dotlan map that some of their Catch systems went to smaller groups, possibly sold or rented, and they kept one system next to the Curse entrance, possibly as a JB link from their Provi systems as it’s in range of a few.

    September 2, 2010 at 16:09

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