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Looney Toons. (ACME) Merger with FCON

August 31, 2010

There is a lot of misinformation in the Eve community on the details of ACME leaving Brach.  Some say it’s because they where care bears.  Others say it’s because of bad kill boards.  Some say Razor hates ACME.  EveNews24.com has done some investigation and discovered the following.

Inside ACME, corps are optimistic about their future.  While they may not be happy about all the details of the move, they are pleased with their future prospects.  A handful of corps won’t be allowed to move with ACME into their new digs, though the vast majority of corps will.

In a note to the alliance Geallen, Leader of ACME said in part, “…we have been reviewing a number of very positive options for ACME’s move from Branch to a new home.”

What does the future hold for ACME alliance?

FCON leadership are pleased to accept any ACME corps who wish to join.  The following is a quote from Dewgong, head of FCON.

“We are glad that we can come together to further solidify the North and improve our understanding and cooperation with each other.  ACME is not being booted from Branch, nor the north, we just find it is the most efficient way to keep everyone strong.”

Though Razor was tight lipped on the situation, from speaking with those involved, if there was a message all parties where putting forward it would be one of solidarity.  Truth or spin the north continues to clean house and consolidate its forces.  Pure Blind has long been a constant war zone.  ACME leadership believes the master plan concerning this merger is to finally stabilize Pure Blind.  ACME and FCON coming together will mean roughly another 1,000 friendly pod pilots in the region for the Northern Coalition and that many new pilots in the area is bound to have an impact.