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Providence 28th July

July 28, 2010

Due to recent event which culminated by Ushra´Khan Alliance being taken over by Hydra Reloaded Alliance loyalists, and most of former UK corps going into Circle of Two, the region is very unstable, where both sides seem to hold on their own.

Many station systems and other facilities are being reinforced only to be repaired, without serious progress being made by either side. On New Providence side are Circle of Two, Daisho Syndicate, Sodalitas XX, Agony Empire, AAA, Important Internet Spaceship League, Flying Dangerous. On the attacker side are Hydra Reloaded Alliance, CVA and former CVA allies and smaller groups.

Multiple neutral gangs attacking both sides are also reported, among them RAZOR Alliance and Darkside.

We are awaiting some surprise announcements in next days, which could swift the balance on either side, as rumors of outside entities that will get involved are coming in.