Matt ‘Greyscale’ Woodward Leaves CCP

In a shocking revelation, CCP Games developer Matt Woodward, known as “CCP Greyscale” in EvE circles, has left Reykjavik and is no longer an employee of CCP. This …

EN24 Podcast Pilot Episode Ft. Bobmon, Mail Lite and Slevin Kelevra

Good evening readers of Eve News 24!
A while ago, I had the thought that maybe the writers of EN24 should host a podcast to discuss the recent news within the game and also …

Opinion Piece: Knock Knock

Reasons why CCP should open the door.
A cute video from back in the age of Incarna.

We have been looking at that door for a long time now. Occasionally jiggling the handle in …

[DEV Video] In-Development: Features of EVE Online’s Rhea Release

CCP Fozzie and the EVE Dev Team take you behind the scenes of Rhea, EVE Online’s massive December 2014 release.
– The expansive, new Thera system
– 100 …


Posted at 2014-12-02 15:32 by CCP Terminus
Hello Capsuleers!
CCP Terminus here to talk to you about the changes coming to medical clones in Rhea on December 9th.

The Current …