Bob’s Corner: Episode 4!

Yes, it’s that time again, A new episode of Bob’s Corner is

Patch report – March 09, 2016

Hello Capsuleers,
Yesterday saw the release of the newest patch for Eve Online. The big focuses for this patch were the next round of Tiericide and continuing preparations for the …

O7 Show Review: 16/12/2015

CCP Mimic and CCP Guard return to the couch to welcome us to this December’s O7 show.

CCP Mimic and CCP Guard

Operation Frostline
After a “How Do You Say …

Submission: EvE, NEW Trololo Mechanic, TY CCP!

With the introduction of the new command destroyers, it was only a matter of time until some funny video would pop up showcasing their abilities. In the video below you can see a …

Red VS Blue: Alive and Kicking

Eve News 24 was contacted today by a loyal member of Red VS Blue, the well known PVP group that has helped players experience PVP in EVE Online for well over 4 years. Since their …