*live* fight going down in KW-I6T

Watch live video from Mad_Ani on www.twitch.tv

Currently we have a fight going down in the KW-I6T system, a system owned by Nulli secunda. The I-HUB was set to come out about 30 mins or so ago, Darkness of Despair jumped in a Tengu fleet with scimi support and a 30man dreadnought fleet. Pandemic …

Dev Blog: Sisters of EVE Faction Ships

Hey guys!

I’m here to tell you about some brand new ships coming to EVE Online in the next free expansion: Rubicon, which is now less than a month away!

I’m sure many of you know a lot about them already, whether you heard us talk about them at EVE Vegas, on our expansion …

*live* Stainwagon/Solar/BL and N3 clash in G15Z-W

Watch live video from Mad_Ani on www.twitch.tv
A up to date local scan (as of 22:18)
Why is this fight going down? it would appear as if the new southern coalition, some are calling “DTF” (what this means is anyone’s guess) had …

Dev Post: [Rubicon] T3 Subsystem re-fitting in space

I’m happy to announce that with Rubicon, you will be able to refit your subsystems on your Tech 3 cruiser in space.
This change will apply to any fitting service in space, supplied by SMA, a capital ship with a fitting service (like the Orca) or even the new deployable the Mobile …

A New Southern Coalition Emerges

In a previous article that I wrote I shared the opinion that Black Legion needs to mature in its politics and diplomatic dealings or risk having events such as the one in FR-BH1 happen over and over again. My advice was that Black Legion needed its own allies or coalition. Today I am happy to see …

LEAKS: Solar Fleet Sends Present to Black Legion

Black Legion took a big hit last month, losing 28 supers to the combined power of NCDOT, PL and S2N. BL appears to be struggling with replacing these super losses so Solar Fleet decided to give them a helping hand.
Black Legion Forum

*live* Big fight going down between Stainwagon and N3.

Mad ani is covering the fight
Currently have AAA in a tengu fleet, BL in a zealot fleet, Solar in a tengu fleet, nc. in a loki fleet, s2n in a proteus fleet, razor are in system in a zealot fleet. Darkness of Despair in a Typhoon fleet, rest of N3 alliances in a …

N3 have state of the coalition meeting.

The meeting was held today at 3:45 eve time on coalition comms. In the following video Skip to 14:55 for the start of the actual meeting (beforehand is just music)
A few notes i took for those of you who prefer reading:
– This war started …

Jester’s Trek: If you’re gonna do something dumb

Sometimes, I feel like Youtube is built on the premise of “if you’re gonna do something dumb, why not videotape it.”  So many of its more entertaining videos are built around people doing crazy, stupid, or flat-out illegal things.  Sometimes those things go viral and suddenly people …

Those smoke filled rooms…

There is a commonly cited problem with EVE: that all decisions are made in “smoke-filled rooms” between the same 10-15 people and no new players can enter into that arena. Have you ever considered why?
Before we’d continue, I’d like to point out that the above isn’t true. Every single …

AAA targets next Provi-block held system, ZQ-Z3Y

On the 23rd of August the first systems in catch fell to Against all authorities, since that time Against all authorities have been working to reclaim all of their ancestral homeland. When Against all authorities began hitting the CVA held system of ERVK-P Provi-block rose up to chase the attackers …

LEAKS: FA Rumors

Yesterday the following ping was send out to the general FA memberbase.
(10:13:47 PM) [email protected]/xmpphp:
### BROADCAST TO All ###
noun: rumour; plural noun: rumours; noun: rumor; plural noun: rumors
a currently circulating …

Somer Blink’s Bonus gets closed down

Finally today CCP decided to close down one of the most recently discussed subjects. This subject is also known as the RMT operation of Somer Blink.
Somer Blink is a well known space gambling site used by people to gain fast isk. People generally lose a lot of isk and so Somer Blink decided to play …

Brave Newbies Inc. New leader, New Deployment.

Recently Matias Otero, founder of Brave Newbies Inc., decided to step down from leader of the corporation and appointed a new leader, Lychton Kondur in his place.Brave Newbies Inc. is a corporation that promotes itself to the newer players amongst new eden in an attempt to show them not only how …

*Update* The 1 Trillion ISK TROLL

Scamming is an increasingly common profession within EVE Online. Main trading hubs, channels and recruitment channels are highly populated with many of these market bandits (Jita for instance). An average scam can generate around 2bil profit, with this in mind an increasing number of EVE players …

Red vs Blue Celebrates its 4th Birthday

Red vs Blue in its current incarnation has been around since 2009. Over that period of time 1000’s of players have come and gone with millions of ships destroyed in their wake, but in all that time never has their goal changed, the goal to have as much fun in eve as possible.
For those of you who …

Seraph IX Basarab: Why so safe, Goblin?

I don’t believe I have ever replied directly to another “peer’s” work on this website and I hope that you do not take this as an act of aggression on my part toward you. I’ve honestly never shared any thought or opinion on anything you have said, nor am I too keenly …

How to make EVE a bit safer but much more popular?

There are awful lot of zero-sum PvP games where the loser loses ranking, kill:death ratio and other stats. Yet these games are popular. The PvP games where you can farm XP and credits, therefore “progress” like in World of Tanks or League of Legends are even more popular, despite you still have …

Only 2 things are infinite….

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” – Albert Einstein
Last year in 2012 as i’m sure many of you are aware, The Wis was ganked in the Gallente ice interdiction on his 25 accounts, following this there was a huge …

The Battle for 9UY4-H Part 4

With the final station timer set to come out at 18:30 eve time, Provi-Block formed up early, killing off a SBU in G-5EN2. G-5EN2 is the first system in the pipe from Assah (Insidious Empire’s staging system) to 9UY4-H (the current battlefield for both sides) perhaps Insidious Empire …

Video: The Stratios – Sisters of Eve Cruiser

The Stratios model was recently finished and skinned on The Singularity server and a youtube video has been made detailing the beauty of this ship.

The Stratios Cruiser is one of the new Sisters of Eve ships that has sparked much dispute in the New eden community, for a good reason, currently the …

Esoteria/Stain/Period Basis area update

Update from Striker (C0VEN):
Since the end of war with Systematic Chaos Eso/Stain/PB was really quiet and boring. With SE we were roadtripping near dronelands. South-east was pretty empty all the time (with Bricks in Gemi and only occasionally roams of LR). Things started to be interesting again …

Vent Spy: Imperial 0rder rage when losing 2 supercarriers

Hilarious Ventrilo recording of Imperial 0rder (I0) when they lost a Hel and Aeon supercarrier (the second selfdestructed) and multiple carriers.
Imperial 0rder Vent recording (by bobbechk from PL)
Recording courtesy of Bobbechk (Pandemic Legion).
Good mood changed by anger and despair, …

Providence fracturing: Damu´Khonde troubles

What have Against All Authorities and Damu´Khonde similar. Both have recently realized, that they have almost no allies ready to help them. Damu´Khonde Providence NIP (Non Invasion Pact) has as one of its prime directives, that in case a system or territory of a NIP holder comes under sovereignty …

Atlas forums look: Leadership sold us out

Atlas member quote:
How the hell do you think people get shit out of stations they lose? Do you understand that since the start of space holding in 0.0 there has been tried and true ways to get shit out of 0.0 after you lose it. You dont have to pay off an enemy to move shit.
You sell it, or move …