* Update * 0-W778 Hellcamp. RusRus/CFC vs N3PL

Check back for updates on the 0-W778 Hellcamp, not much has happened at the moment, lots of pod kills and the occasional random interceptor kill.
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Open Thread: The Mittani declares open war on N3

Well, the cat is out of the bag, here is a couple of intel hints and transcript we got on the prelude to today’s announcement:
War Update 2/11/14
From: The Mittani
Sent: 2014.02.11 13:01
As most of you are aware our time in the East is quickly finishing up. What this means is …

One Many Army: New possible series to run parallel?

This week’s video comes from Thernoth Valarax.

Video Description:
I wasn’t as active this summer as I used to be, so that’s pretty much all non-blob, not-execution footage I’ve got. All except three of the 1 v Hawk engagements and the first Vexor Navy clip are post Odyssey …

Carebear’s Guide to the Universe: Let’s try this EVE Online thingy

The universe of EVE Online is growing larger every day. More players are signing up and creating Trial accounts to see what it is all about. “One Universe to Explore and Conquer.” With this large influx of players, CCP went ahead and started simplifying some things within the game. A good …

[Podcast] Legacy Of A Capsuleer – Ep2: All Joking Aside

Dear EN24 readers,
As promised I deliver to you the next episode of Legacy Of A Capsuleer Podcast where I have a chat with Axloth Okiah, one of the primary diplo’s of Sleeper Social Club [SSC] and of one of the bigger and better known WH alliances currently in Eve Online. Sleeper Social Club …

Dev Blog: Alliance Logos & You – Clarification On Submissions

Hey Pilots,

I’m CCP Falcon, EVE Community Manager, and I’m here today to let you know about some clarifications to our Alliance logo submission process for EVE. Right now, the Alliance logo process is relatively simple – once the criteria we set out for submission of a logo …

Jester’s Trek: She blinded me with science

This post has the potential to be contentious. Ah well. As the poet said, if you’re not being criticized, you may not be doing much.
In my previous post, I talked very briefly about the need to always keep learning about EVE mechanics, which is mostly not a bad thing. Learning is always good, …

Mabrick: Empire Space is the Foundation of EVE Online

I don’t really want to write anything about the battle at B-R5BR. There are more than enough bloggers and journalists writing about that event. I know a few people who fought in it. A couple were even on the winning side. And they had some interesting comments about it. But it’s nothing …

PSA: Patch Notes for EVE Online – Rubicon 1.1

Below are the patch notes for the coming Rubicon 1.1 update which rolled out today:
Patch Notes for Rubicon 1.1
13.02.2014 10:50

Patch notes for EVE Online: Rubicon 1.1.9
Released on Thursday, February 13th 2014


Resolved an issue where scan result distances would not be …

Check ’em: EVE Source – A limited edition illustrated guide to EVE Online.

Introducing EVE Source – Hardcover and Limited Edition

As we announced at Fanfest 2013, CCP and Dark Horse Comics are publishing EVE Source, a 200 page illustrated guide to the EVE Universe, its people, places and history.

Information which before had to be collected from chronicles, …

Awesomesauce: Someone built a LEGO Asteros and it looks amazing!

I will always up-vote all things LEGO, specially if they are EVE Online related. This time redditor “arche22” showcased his latest creation, a LEGO build of the Asteros ship, take a look and if you have some creation of your own, feel free to share them to us via [email protected]

As …

[Podcast] Legacy Of A Capsuleer – Ep1: Surely You’re Joking

Dear EN24 readers,
I would like to proudly present the first ever episode of the new Legacy Of A Capsuleer Podcast that I am hosting. The podcast is a completely new venture for me but with the help of EN24 news crew I hope to present a good quality podcast packed with content and interesting …

Leak: Divinity’s Ex CEO rampage

Divine Ones,
We have been coming together for the past week to restart things. Attendance and enthusiasm has seemed to become revitalized. This has given the tenured Eve Players in our midst hope of accomplishing great things. However, this hope is stifled by certain behaviors and attitudes.
On …

Leak: Razor Military Update

Hi, goats. 
Some Ship Changes
CCP decided to finally swat at the OP drone assist mechanic after they buffed it by adding drone bunnies from your watch-list. If you’ve been living under a rock, drone assist will be limited to 50 assigned drones with the intention …

DUST Mercs: EVE Sitdown – GOONS talk Dust 514’s future

In the aftermath of some of the best discussion ever on the Dust forum [aka the thread that wont go away] Our blog recently had a sitdown with the infamous Goons and talked Dust, good times were had by all. Bombs were dropped. Also here is our our sitdown with TEST.

Paradox / Goonfeet – …

Greedy Goblin: Kudos to Phreeze!

You probably heard that Insidious Empire [EMP] is closing. This isn’t happening often. No, I’m not talking about failed groups and projects, they happen all the time. What is rare is simply accepting “it doesn’t work, let’s close it and let everyone find his happiness …

Halloween Casus Belli: Anatomy of a War

The Halloween War (which many observers have noted has stretched well past its namesake holiday) has undoubtedly surpassed other previous wars in EVE in cost, enormity, complexity and length. Naturally, given the long and protracted nature of sovereignty wars (which at times culminates in …

Eve Course on Economics and Industry

Have you ever wanted to dive into the markets of Eve but did not know were to start? How about that moment when you saw your first Titan and said “I want to build those giant weapons of destruction.” It can all seem so daunting and overwhelming. Where do you start? Who do you talk with? …

Dev Post: CREST Killmails Endpoint

As of today killmail verification will be possible without handing over your API details to third parties such as Battleclinic, Zkillboard or Eve-kill thanks to what CCP are calling Carbon REST.
If you do not wish to hand over your characters API to these third parties you now have the option to …

Minmatar FW Update: Time for Civil War!

Currently in the on-going conflict in the Minmatar/Amarr Warzone a few parties in the Minmatar side are involved in a Civil War.
The initial reason for this war appears to be acts of aggression by WINMATAR against some allied Minmatar militia POSs and assets due to the apparent reason they …

Cancers of EVE Online: Teleportation

Everyone wants to win. No one logs in wanting to get their teeth kicked in. Entering the game and being surrounded by bad guys on your front door is not appealing and neither is spending 99% of your time looking for someone to shoot. So players keep their enemy at arm’s length. No closer, no …

Newbies, consider station trading to make your ISK work for you!

Seems like there’s been a massive influx of new players(good!) with a number of ‘how do I make ISK?” posts(confusing!). I’ve seen casual mention of station trading as a means to fund(‘plex’) an account but they’ve mostly been pointing at stale guides with …

LEAKS: Update from Ex Cinere Scriptor, Victims of a GSF Scam

The following piece is written by Ex Cinere Scriptor’s leadership. This is about the scam that got revieled earlyer this week.
Re: Fw: Re: Re: Re: Alliance Changes
From: Brante Sletkia
Sent: 2014.02.07 21:48
To: Ex Cinere Scriptor, Kadriel, Losgarr, bor’nak
I cant take it back its done, …


Earlier today a Nyx that belonging to lt Deano from Swiss Guard. (a Anarchy. [FCKU] alt) was destroyed by TISHU and BNI in Y9G-KS. It all started with a Ineluctable [NOWAY] Battleship group with Guardians attacking a Anarchy carrier group, but they weren’t the only ones there. Psychotic …

Fiddler’s Edge: Spreadsheets in Space

In real life I do an excellent impersonation of a responsible adult.
While I don’t hide the fact that I play EVE Online, it’s not something I wear on my sleeve.  As a (ahem) mature player I am of the ‘analog’ generations. This is to say, I am old enough recall when …