Open Thread: 0-W captured, now what?

After a week of hell camping O-W778, CFC succeeded in capturing O-W from N3. N3 alliances still have assets stuck in that station and what will happen to it is still unknown.
This opens room for coalitions to move, continue or take a break from the current sov grinds. CFC has not yet announced what …

EVE Candy: These EVE wallpapers beg to be shared among capsuleers…

EVE Online is beautiful, we all know that – in fact many of us take it for granted to the point of never taking the time to sit back, grab your favorite spirit and enjoy the amazing visuals featured in EVE Online.
EVE Candy is a selection of these visuals, in our first issue feature these …

Snot Shot: A Message to a Null Sec Newbie – Propaganda 101

For those new players who’ve never heard of me, I like to chat about the propaganda that surrounds null sec as it makes for some good slap fights in the comment sections, but from time to time I like to get ~serious~. This message is to the new’ish players that have joined the game due to the …

Battle Report: A Wormhole Present

While our scouts were out mapping the depths of WH space they saw a small undefended POS that was going to be coming out of reinforced in a C6 wormhole. Naturally we could not pass up this opportunity so we decided to watch it for a bit see what was going happen. And something did happen.
As the …

Fiddler’s Edge: Blue Balls and Adverse Possession

If a barbarian horde comes over your borders and you won’t or
can’t field a force to turn them back, you’ve no one to blame but
yourself when they start drinking your tea, eating cake off the good
china and leaving the toilet seats up.
“Hey, nice bit of real estate,” …

Jester’s Trek: Inflation

OK. Some of you are going to want to argue with me because I’m about to say something contentious again. Ready? Theme statement first:

5-15 man fleets are dying in EVE Online null-sec except as a tool for ganks.
At ganks, I assure you they are still excellent. But if the age of the 15v15 or …

Awesomesauce: Dark Horse presents EVE – True Stories – Issue #1 out now!

EVE: True Stories – The comic book based on true events, 20.000 years into the future

At EVE Fanfest 2013 we announced a partnership with Dark Horse Comics for the development of a comic book set in the EVE Universe.

It’s here the first issue of EVE: True Stories, “Thieves …

Fatal Ascension Lose baby Titan and Super to TEST / Black Legion.

This morning a total of six Fatal Ascension CSAAs exited reinforced in the Fountain region. CFC forces scrambled to attempt to save these CSAAs but it was obvious that the priority remained on continuing the hellcamp of O-W as both a Titan and Supercarrier in construction were killed.

The Mitanni …


It is easy for EVE players to be negative about CCP’s “other game”, or Dust 514. Many players feel it should have been on the PC, or even on the PS4 instead of just the PS3. However, despite what many EVE players think, DUST 514 has a growing community, and I was able to interview the CEO of …

Eve Valkyrie: Free To Play?

Late January an eagle eyed individual spotted clues to the possibility of CCP’s latest addition to the New Eden games; Valkyrie a real time high paced and action packed dog fighter, to be free to play with …

DUST Mercs: EVE Sitdown – TEST Alliance Talks DUST

Our blog recently had a sitdown with TEST alliance members and talked Dust, we got to talk about Starbucks, PVE and what makes DUST Players tick, read on. You may read our past interview to GSF Dust players right here.
1. At DICE, Hilmar spoke about Starbucks, Porsches and Manolo Blahniks …

AAA Nyx down!!

This morning NCDOT Killed a AAA Nyx that was trying to travel around.
NCDOT had noticed -A- bashing structures with a super & dread fleet, While the AAA supers were hitting a structure a cyno ship warped 190km of the AAA safe poss that was located in a mid point that AAA had been using earlier …

[Podcast] Legacy Of A Capsuleer – Ep3: In Merc Waters

Dear EN24 readers,
I hereby bring you Episode 3 of the Legacy Of A Capsuleer podcast. In this new episode the CEO of Noir. Mercenary Group [NMG.] Alekseyev Karrde joins me to talk about his Mercenary alliance and their PvP rookie training corporation Noir. Academy [NA.] and we go through how they …

Leaks: Nano Mage speaks to AAA members

Originally Posted by Nano Mage

My Eve experience is limited to two years. So not quiet a rookie “noob” but no where near the bitter vet. I play on two toons (One a Gallantte Subcap toon and my Carrier/BLOPS/Dread toon) I come from a “real world” military background that has …

Leaks: Against ALL Authorities update

The following piece was originally sent out to all AAA members:
Against ALL Authorities
From: Lahari
Sent: 2014-02-14 21:06:00
Hello Alliance,
Hello Eveskunk and our viewing audience.
I have decided to pull our forces from the front lines and to regroup in GE-. This is not due to any issues with …

Dev Post: Corporation Member Cap Increase

Hello again everyone. I’ve got another change planned for our Rubicon 1.3 patch to announce.
With the massive influx of new players into EVE recently, we’re seeing corporations begin to bump against the existing maximum membership levels. Last time this happened, CCP added a new skill …

Jester’s Trek: Blue doughnot

As part of the run-up to The Mittani‘s announcement on Saturday, the following rather interesting thing was posted on EVE News 24, presumably by one of the CFC corp CEOs or other alliance leader. I don’t know who wrote it and would welcome information about who did in comments. But to …

Breaking: N3 Coalition Meeting

At around 18.30 Eve Time today Progodlegend of Nulli Secunda gave a State of the Alliance following the hell camp of 0-W778 by CFC after The Mittani’s state of the goonion live broadcast found here.
The recording can be found here.

Didn’t except CFC to do this.
Pretty complacent due …

SCUM. Titan down in Kinakka

A SCUM. Avatar belonging to Salford Smid (Whose main is Smidster in SCUM.) died to a PL supercarrier fleet in SCUM’s home system of Kinakka. According to a PL hictor, it was seen drifting out of the pos, so they called for PL to get formed to drop on it, and had hics ready with a …

* Update * 0-W778 Hellcamp. RusRus/CFC vs N3PL

Check back for updates on the 0-W778 Hellcamp, not much has happened at the moment, lots of pod kills and the occasional random interceptor kill.
Tweets by @EN24_UPDATES
!function(d,s,id){var …

Open Thread: The Mittani declares open war on N3

Well, the cat is out of the bag, here is a couple of intel hints and transcript we got on the prelude to today’s announcement:
War Update 2/11/14
From: The Mittani
Sent: 2014.02.11 13:01
As most of you are aware our time in the East is quickly finishing up. What this means is …

One Many Army: New possible series to run parallel?

This week’s video comes from Thernoth Valarax.

Video Description:
I wasn’t as active this summer as I used to be, so that’s pretty much all non-blob, not-execution footage I’ve got. All except three of the 1 v Hawk engagements and the first Vexor Navy clip are post Odyssey …

Carebear’s Guide to the Universe: Let’s try this EVE Online thingy

The universe of EVE Online is growing larger every day. More players are signing up and creating Trial accounts to see what it is all about. “One Universe to Explore and Conquer.” With this large influx of players, CCP went ahead and started simplifying some things within the game. A good …

[Podcast] Legacy Of A Capsuleer – Ep2: All Joking Aside

Dear EN24 readers,
As promised I deliver to you the next episode of Legacy Of A Capsuleer Podcast where I have a chat with Axloth Okiah, one of the primary diplo’s of Sleeper Social Club [SSC] and of one of the bigger and better known WH alliances currently in Eve Online. Sleeper Social Club …

Dev Blog: Alliance Logos & You – Clarification On Submissions

Hey Pilots,

I’m CCP Falcon, EVE Community Manager, and I’m here today to let you know about some clarifications to our Alliance logo submission process for EVE. Right now, the Alliance logo process is relatively simple – once the criteria we set out for submission of a logo …