SOLAR Nyx down in PDF-3Z

Approximately six hours ago NCDot were pinged for a rage formup. I rushed to my PC and hopped on comms:
“Foxcats. Max Foxcats go go go.”
Undocking and warping to titan we were bridged to the midway when the fun began:
NCdot forces were swiftly cynoed on top of a SOLAR supercapital …

One Man Army: Bandicam

This week’s edition comes from  God’s Apple.

Video Description
Eve won’t update properly so I made another pvp vidya.
Musiks used:
Warren G – Regulate ft. Nate Dogg
Blackstreet – No Diggity
Baauer & RL Grime – Infinite Daps
Mark Knopfler – Boom Like …


Two Northern Coalition. Nyxes were hunting for capitals. Little did the pilots know, -A- was hunting them, and had laid a trap.
A bait Thanatos jumped to the beacon that NCdot pilots The Scanner and Bobmon were watching.
They jumped the Nyxes in and engaged the carrier. As they were aligning out, …

Seraph IX Basarab: War and Propaganda In the Halloween War

As a fairly harsh critic of the Eve political landscape, and a general cloaky pain in the ass with Balkan tenacity and memory, I still have to give proper credit where it is due. Over at TMC, after wading through no less than five Hearthstone adverts..err reviews, I came upon a wonderful article by …

[Podcast] CSM 9 Candidate Interview (Feat. Mike Azariah)

Dear EN24 Readers,
The Legacy Of A Capsuleer Podcast presents our series of CSM 9 Candidate Interviews. In this episode we have an interview with Mike Azariah who is a current CSM 8 member and he would like to run for CSM 9 this year.
I hope you all enjoy the interview and hopefully this will give …

Fatal Ascension: Nyx Down in staging system

Today a Nyx class supercarrier piloted by Esildra of Fatal Ascension was destroyed by a combined fleet of dreadnaughts and ishtars flown by LowSechnaya Sholupen, No value and U.C.F. Alliance.
This follows on from the fact that on LowSechanya Sholupen’s last visit to the system FA attempted to …

Jester’s Trek: Yuppie Nuremberg defense

Before I start wading headlong into the swamp — and trust me, over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to bury you guys in “EVE player behaves badly” stories — let’s talk about a positive. But even the positive stories on this topic have to start with an EVE …

Sunday in Sendaya

Around 20:20 ET Sunday the mother of all brawls broke loose in Sendaya, the current staging system of the HERO Coalition. Throughout the day HERO forces had been skirmishing with pilots of all sorts. Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork Hellcats, European Goonion Tengus, and Provibloc cruisers had …

Jester’s Trek: Coalition Sov Mapping

So I wanted to take a brief moment to highlight and thank Marlona Sky for continuing to update his view of New Eden, the Coalition Sov Map. Here’s the latest version, dated 7 March:

As you can see, he’s either taken my advice about showing N3 and PL separately for a while or …

Way of the Mercenary: Recycling

Since CCP is fixing the district locking I’ve talked about in the last two posts, lets turn our attention to something else. Oh well, there is plenty to choose from. Like, did you ever notice that a ton of characters are being created in DUST 514? It’s mind blowing! Check out this …

Relentless: Soultakers

So, this is  technically last week’s “episode” but, didn’t have time to do it, so putting it up today, and will release this week’s on Thursday. But to run along side the One Man Army videos on Saturdays, I’ll be running a newer series during the middle of the …

[Podcast] Legacy Of A Capsuleer – Ep7: Going To University

Dear EN24 Readers,
A new episode of the Legacy Of A Capsuleer podcast has been released. In Episode 7: Going To University, we cover EVE University with my guests Neville Smit & Seamus Donohue.
We go through EVE University’s different aspects and how they help and guide newer players to …

Dev Blog: Rubicon 1.3 Balance Round Up

Good day capsuleers,

Coming up on March 12th we will be releasing EVE Online: Rubicon 1.3. With it comes your usual installment of game-balance tweaks from yours truly, CCP Rise, along with CCP Fozzie, and an angry Frenchman who should remain nameless.

Somehow this release ended up with …

Against ALL Authorities Titan Down!

Titan purchases often happen through forums. Smart buyers and sellers often use alts to distract people that want to cause harm to these new titan owners.
Carinia, a member of Against ALL Authorities didn’t consider this and posted a buy order on a Leviathan on the EVE-Online Forums. Outbreak and …

Darkness of Despair Disbanded; N3 Steps up Offensive in Six Regions

The sudden disbanding of Russian alliance Darkness of Despair, an integral member of the StainWagon coalition sent massive shockwaves throughout the EVE community today as many sought to come to terms with the lightning dissolution of a core member of the Russian-speaking EVE community and bulwark …

BREAKING: Darkness Of Despair DISBANDED!

Darkness of Despair, a well known Russian Southern alliance, part of the Stainwagon was just disbanded. The reason why or how is still unknown at this time.
However Manfred Sideous tweeted the following:
Russian and Ukranian drama is real Darkness of Despair alliance just disbanded #tweetfleet …

Watch This: This Fat Kid got sick moves – New Tristan Animation.

Here is a very short video of the new moving “wings” (or legs) of the revamped Tristan

[Podcast] CSM 9 Candidate Interview (Feat. DNSBLACK)

Dear EN24 Readers,
The Legacy Of A Capsuleer Podcast presents our series of CSM 9 Candidate Interviews. In this episode we have an interview with DNSBLACK and he would like to run for CSM 9 this year.
I hope you all enjoy the interview and hopefully this will give you a better idea of who DNSBLACK …

Dev Blog: U and I – Through a Scanner Lightly

Greetings fellow capsuleers! 

CCP karkur here with CCP Merc from Team Pirate Unicorns to tell you about some little side projects we have been working on lately, which we are delivering to you on 12 March in EVE Online Rubicon 1.3.

Directional Scanner Changes

A lot of you have asked …

Jester’s Trek: Surprises around every corner

Day four of the second New Eden Open is now history.
I said yesterday that I thought most of the matches would be pretty one-sided and with one exception they were. That exception was the opening match of the day, with No Boundaries and its three Rote Kapelle members taking on Seldarine‘s …

Greedy Goblin: Didn’t want highsec POCOs anyway

Trolls have been busy commenting “you didn’t take a single POCO”, ignoring that in the first phase of Sov wars there isn’t significant Sov movement. In the Fountain war CFC were actually losing the Sov they got from metagaming Sort Dragon. Then the resistance breaks over …

Way of the Mercenary: Aquisition

At the moment I make half a billion EVE ISK per day with DUST, passively and free to play. And it was supposed to get more and more. If my last article was dedicated to uncover the flaws in the current iteration of Planetary Conquest, the purpose of this one is to show how to take advantage of …

What happens when a 10-year vet RP’s a noob? The New Player Challenge happens!

Eve is a game that benefits tremendously from mixing up your playstyles. This, combined with the influx of new players, led me to a question: what would happen if a 10-year Eve vet were to start fresh and roleplay a noob? The New Player Challenge happens, apparently.

The New Player Challenge
My …

Tough Talk: EN24 Interviews Lahari

EN24 obtained an exclusive interview with the enigmatic Lahari, CEO of Against ALL Authorities, a key player in the StainWagon coalition. Deviance Incarnate had a tough, frank and forthright discussion with Lahari about his ascension to the CEO position of Against ALL Authorities, the various …

*Live* The New Eden Open 2 – Day 4 Live stream *live*

The New eden open is one of the main tournaments in Eve. Giving the players a great opportunity of winning real life cash. Below you can watch the New Eden Open yourself!
Watch live video from CCP on
Who is your favorite team? Who do you predict to be in the finals? Let us know in the …