Battle Report: Solar Fleet Nyx Down!

Today a solar fleet nyx died to the hands of NCDOT
Travis Musgrat, one of the main fcs for NCDOT known for his love of hot dropping enemy capitals was flying around to fuel his pos’s in the drone regions. While going around many systems he noticed that a SOLAR nyx had logged in and started …

Dev Blog: Reprocess all the things!

Of the various activities available to EVE Online players, one in particular has been around since day one. It grinds ore into the minerals needed to start basic manufacturing. It turns ice into fuel required to operate Starbases, Jump Drives and Forcefields. It also is a secondary income for …

Jester’s Trek: There’s no more heroes left in the world, son

So Kirith Kodachi has a remarkably well-timed blog banter out. Here it is:

Quick post. I was listening to a song and a question occurred to me. Where are the EVE heroes? Against a dark background surely all we have are anti-heroes? A lot of mockery is aimed at any who attempt to be white knights. …

Open Thread: Hands of Despair is +5 to N3

So, the word is out, Hand of Despair are evacuating their stuff, and 90% of N3 is temporarily blue-ing up Hand of Despair to let them get their stuff out (Eve Skunk seems to confirm this). They got two weeks. In case you are like me and never heard of Hand of Despair before, they had sov in …

Riverini for the Council of Stellar Management 9

Hey guys, it is that time of the year again and I have decided to once again give it a shot and in the process provide a proper discussion venue for well known but rarely discussed issues. In the coming days I will discuss these points in more detail.
First things first, I am a 30 years creative …

[Podcast] CSM 9 Candidate Interview (Feat. corbexx)

Dear EN24 Readers,
The Legacy Of A Capsuleer Podcast presents our series of CSM 9 Candidate Interviews. In this episode we have an interview with corbexx who is a Wormhole candidate and he would like to run for CSM 9 this year.
I hope you all enjoy the interview and hopefully this will give you a …

[Podcast] Legacy Of A Capsuleer – Ep8: Being Busy Little Bees

Dear EN24 Readers,
It’s time for a new episode of the Legacy Of A Capsuleer podcast. Episode 8: Being Busy Little Bees is now available and in this episode I have Sion Kumitomo as my guest. Sion Kumitomo is the Lead Diplomat and Chief Of Staff of Goonswarm Federation and he joined me to tell …

Announcement: Open Call for Writers

We are Opening spots in the EN24 Team, if you wish to be part of the crew, here are the basics:
– Good Grammar
– Skype access.
– free time.
– Decent EVE politics knowledge.
– Decent EVE Online …

Video: A single day in Sniggwaffe

Sniggwaffe also known as WAFFLES is a well known PVP corp in the EVE community.
Sniggwaffe does a lot of different type of warfare like: Lowsec piracy & ransoming, sniper gangs, black ops, bombing, hisec ganking, T1 cruisers and logi, and anything else They can dream up. in WAFFLES Expect …

Relentless: Unbreakable

Okay, so I’m breaking my rule of “Videos will be recent, and preferably in the last month or so.” I got linked this last night, and it was / still is one of my favorite small gang pvp videos out there. Yes, the video is over a year old, deal with it. But Pytorion BE is an amazing …

Battle Reports: Drive-By Gone Wrong, SOLAR Avatar Down!

This morning a Solar fleet Avatar was caught by Pandemic Legion, Northern Coalition, Fraternity, Spaceship Samurai and Caladrius.
Today was just another day on the southern front with alliance’s onlining structures in one anothers space. This morning it was a SpaceShip Samurai TCU that was …

Mabrick: Incursions Have the Same Old Problem

So far I’ve bought and fit two ships for Incursion running. I bought a Raven to start with, and yesterday I re-fit my newly skinned Rokh to run Incursions. And that’s about all I’ve been able to accomplish. It’s not that I’ve not been trying either. Unfortunately …

Jester’s Trek: Derecognized

OK, CCP tossed a dung-bomb out there and I need to address it.
CCP’s consolidated financial statement for 2013 is now very public. Here’s the discussion thread at FHC. Look at it for more than about a minute and you’re going to quickly discover that CCP lost about 21 million USD …

Battle Report: Don’t Click that Jump button mister Titan!

Sunday was pretty interesting in the lands of Stain. Stain is one of the southern npc nullsec regions, known to be home to several Russian alliances.
C0ven recently redeployed back to their home W-Q233 in Stain. This created a lot of content in the constellations of Stain and some of the other …

[Podcast] CSM 9 Candidate Interview (Feat. Karen Galeo)

Dear EN24 Readers,
The Legacy Of A Capsuleer Podcast presents our series of CSM 9 Candidate Interviews. In this episode we have an interview with Karen Galeo who is a WH candidate and she would like to run for CSM 9 this year.
I hope you all enjoy the interview and hopefully this will give you a …

Video: A Murder of Crows

The following video has been made by Black Legion. In this video you will see some Sundays fun with Brave Newbies. Including footage of a great CFC bomb run and a smartbombing battleship.

Want to showcast your video then feel free to submit it to

Grid foo for you!

Yesterday during a routine operation of cleaning hostile sovereignty blockades, infrastructure hubs and territorial claim units in the never-ending structure grind, NCdot hit a little bit of a snag in the otherwise smooth operation.
This little snag would turn a normal operation into something that …

Interview: Questions of Allegiance

I sat down to talk with the Executor of DARKNESS(dot), Skilo, over what many have called a controversial move
On the fourteenth of March, 2014, TMC published a news article, in which it revealed that the DARKNESS(dot) Alliance, member of the RUS Coalition, has decided to switch sides in the …

SOLAR Nyx down in PDF-3Z

Approximately six hours ago NCDot were pinged for a rage formup. I rushed to my PC and hopped on comms:
“Foxcats. Max Foxcats go go go.”
Undocking and warping to titan we were bridged to the midway when the fun began:
NCdot forces were swiftly cynoed on top of a SOLAR supercapital …

One Man Army: Bandicam

This week’s edition comes from  God’s Apple.

Video Description
Eve won’t update properly so I made another pvp vidya.
Musiks used:
Warren G – Regulate ft. Nate Dogg
Blackstreet – No Diggity
Baauer & RL Grime – Infinite Daps
Mark Knopfler – Boom Like …


Two Northern Coalition. Nyxes were hunting for capitals. Little did the pilots know, -A- was hunting them, and had laid a trap.
A bait Thanatos jumped to the beacon that NCdot pilots The Scanner and Bobmon were watching.
They jumped the Nyxes in and engaged the carrier. As they were aligning out, …

Seraph IX Basarab: War and Propaganda In the Halloween War

As a fairly harsh critic of the Eve political landscape, and a general cloaky pain in the ass with Balkan tenacity and memory, I still have to give proper credit where it is due. Over at TMC, after wading through no less than five Hearthstone adverts..err reviews, I came upon a wonderful article by …

[Podcast] CSM 9 Candidate Interview (Feat. Mike Azariah)

Dear EN24 Readers,
The Legacy Of A Capsuleer Podcast presents our series of CSM 9 Candidate Interviews. In this episode we have an interview with Mike Azariah who is a current CSM 8 member and he would like to run for CSM 9 this year.
I hope you all enjoy the interview and hopefully this will give …

Fatal Ascension: Nyx Down in staging system

Today a Nyx class supercarrier piloted by Esildra of Fatal Ascension was destroyed by a combined fleet of dreadnaughts and ishtars flown by LowSechnaya Sholupen, No value and U.C.F. Alliance.
This follows on from the fact that on LowSechanya Sholupen’s last visit to the system FA attempted to …

Jester’s Trek: Yuppie Nuremberg defense

Before I start wading headlong into the swamp — and trust me, over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to bury you guys in “EVE player behaves badly” stories — let’s talk about a positive. But even the positive stories on this topic have to start with an EVE …