EN24 at Fanfest ’14

So as I am sure you are most aware Fanfest 2014 is upon us, a time where you as fine folks of New Eden are going to find yourself under a barrage of information with summer expansion, announcements, tournament games, round tables and various presentations. We at EN24 are going to do our best to …

Seraph IX Basarab: Conflict in the New Polarized 0.0

While the CFC has been a prominent power in New Eden for several years, its future became uncertain during their “Civil War” as James315 calls it. That of course refers to the CFC’s conquest of Fountain, Delve, Period Basis and Querious from TEST Alliance and allies such as Tribal Band. That …

Breaking: All BRAVE API Keys leaked

Today capsuleer “Faceless Enemy” claimed in the EVE-O forums to be in possession of a list of all the Brave Newbies Pilots API.
APIs are not mail, identifying personal documentation, or anything equally exciting.
As CCP says, nobody can harm your account as a result of them.
On that …

GaNg BaNg TeAm have a Bad Friday.

Shortly before downtime, GaNg BaNg TeAm dropped a group of dreadnoughts, and a single Aeon to provide fighter support. into C-N4OD in Fountain, and began shooting a Jump Bridge tower. This is one of the key jump bridge links which connects Cloud Ring with Delve, and has in the past been camped …

The Good Stuff?

For the professional pvper drugs, (combat boosters) are not just an addiction, they are a way of life. Exile, Blue Pill, X-Instinct nestles in cargo beside ammo and nanite paste as stock standard supplies. Though, for the majority in EVE, it’s an area that is mysterious and unexplored. Why?
For 3 …

Fiddler’s Edge: Visions

“Any industry feature must be balanced around our risk versus reward philosophy.”
      – CCP Ytterbium
For those of you who missed it, the value of nullsec real estate went up the other day. 
As more comes out about the changes I’ll weigh …

PLEX Prices, Economics and CCP’s Responsibility

A year ago, that is where PLEX were, which equates to an increase of 38.5% in the last 12 months. That is pretty close to the 39% we need to reach 1 billion. The question is not whether we will see 1 billion ISK for PLEX, but rather when. More importantly will be

Jester’s Trek: The lost gem

I’m coming up to my fourth Iceland trip in the last thirteen months. Each of these trips, my suitcase has come home progressively lighter on the return trip than the outgoing trip. That’s because each time, I’ve been bringing small and large gifts for people I know I’m going …

Dev Blog: Building better Worlds

One of EVE's strongest selling points always has been its player-centered industry; it creates lots of interesting gameplay around resource collection, distribution and transformation. This concept fuels not only the economy, but conflict as a whole. Since most assets can be lost, they acquire …

Frogs vs Squids: An Overview.

Recently the Caldari – Gallente faction war zone has been in the news a bit. Prominent systems have been captured, Placid and Black Rise became the most violent lowsec regions on the daily dotlan kill ticker and there was even one multi-party fight which included super capitals. So here’s …

Jester’s Trek: Darkness

Just a quickie, but bad news.
Yesterday, CCP announced they are halting development of the World of Darkness MMO.

This follows the announcement at the beginning of the year that 15 people from that staff had lost their jobs and CCP was “reevaluating” the project and deciding what to …

Dev Post: Pirate Faction Battleships

Finally we get to the battleships!
This class is by far the most healthy of the three and so we aren’t making as many big changes as we did with the frigates and cruisers. We are extending all of the new faction theme elements up to the battleships, which should range from having minimal …

HERO State Of the Coalition

Today the HERO coalition held a state of the coalition to announce new plans and to allow players a forum to ask questions of leadership.

-HERO holds 11 systems now mostly in catch.
-With most of their systems in the northern region of Catch they will be moving into and invading the rest of …

Events: 700 plex up for grabs

Plex currently are at a historical high.  Great for those spend cash and sell plex on market; less great for those that buy plex in game.
Some suspect that CCP manipulate plex prices.  In my opinion (humble or othwerise), they do.
To add a floor to plex prices, new uses of plex created.  Most …

Against All Anomalies Nyx Down!!

Today a Nyx owned by a Against All Anomalies [SCDOT] died to the hands of NCDOT.
The Nyx died in a system called Asoutar, where he was trying to reinforce poss guns. Blue Ice, head FC of Brave Collective recieved the messege of what was going on and decided to call in a old buddy, one who could …

Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey.

It’s three months back and ILBE BUG is going through his usual high-sec cargo scanning routine looking for something worthy of a gank. A navy issue raven un-docks with just a single officer module fitted, worth 1.4 billion, tempting, but ILBE BUG is curious, so he follows. The raven pilot …

Northern Coalition Alliance Meeting

Today while NCDOT was running a fleet, Vince Draken, alliance leader of NCDOT, held an alliance meeting to talk about the future of the alliance.
Below you can lisen to the recording yourself!

-Look back at the past
-Wednesday there will be a new campaign
-After that we will take a break …

WALLT Disbanded

A couple days ago CALPEPE, the former CEO of the now disbanded WALLTREIPERS ALLIANCE annouched a closing of his alliance.
Alliances disband for numerous reasons: Nobody wants to take over, no future, or a strong leader who is has too much going on in real life. All corporations are going to be …

Battle Report: NCDOT, HERO and PASTA vs INIT & CFC

Yesterday, there was an amazing fight which pitted NCdot, HERO and PASTA against Init & FA, resulting in 3 archon and substantial subcapital losses.
The Initiative was going around reinforcing towers in Delve with Dreads and Megathrons. PASTA, who live in Delve noticed the fleet and sent …

One Man Army: Predator 666

This is the first repeat of featuring someone on OMA, and I couldn’t think of anyone better than Predator 666. If you go back to the first OMA posted, it was his solo shield Proteus video. This time around it’s a dual rep Proteus, and I think you will all enjoy this …

Leaks: AAA trashing Curse Idea, Moving Back to stain!

Last week we posted an article about Against All Authorities announcing a meeting. We received the full write up, written by none other than Lahari, current CEO of AAA,` of this meeting.
You can read the post below!
The CEO meeting has come and gone. This is a Public Announcement for all as to what …

Video: PASTA Syndicate presents “Inside Job”

PASTA seem to be having a lot of fun in delve. They were nice enough to make a very cool video of their successful fishing fleets.
They described it as following:
The next chapter of the epic tale of adventures of True Lords of Delve.
Infamous for their elite PvP skills and next level tactics PASTA …

GM Post: Clearing Up Grief Play

Now some of you may consider this anti-news, but It’s worth taking a look over nevertheless, especially if you still consider yourself an eve online beginner.
GM LeLouch made a forum post today, outlining and clarifying CCP’s stance on griefing and harassment of new players currently …

Video: BL, TRI and MOA VS CFC

Triumvirate, Mordus Angel and Black Legion have been fighting CFC for a long time now for the sake of good fights. We have seen MOA and Triumvirate using their Ishtar fleet in great success against the forces of the CFC.
It appears that CFC decided to try and fight MOA with their own ships, …

Announcement: Burn Jita 3

For the third year, Goonswarm and friends will be turning their eyes to Jita. Players will arrive unannounced in and around Jita this April, targeting industrial ships. For the days to come, trade in New Eden’s busiest hub will slow and possibly grind to a halt.
Their motivation for the carnage …