Kickstarter: Eve Online History Book

Andrew Groen, member of the EVE community, has decided to take upon himself the brave task of writing a narrative history of EVE’s great empires. He aims to capture all the politics, warfare, betrayal, and culture that shaped the first decade of EVE Online into what it was.

I, for one, would …

Months of Damning AAA Logs Leaked

Tonight, months and thousands of lines worth of logs from Against ALL Authorities going as far back as February 3rd were posted to Reddit. The logs, which are taken over the course of “The Halloween War” and after are originally from AAA’s CEO/Director and Fleet Commander Skype …

Submissions: Three Years (I hope I’m wrong)

I will preempt this post saying you NEED some tinfoil on your head to read this but also maybe just maybe you don’t.
What would you think if I said CCP Games will be no more in 3 years? Would you call me a madman, crazy, theory crafting loon?
I hope I am proven wrong but I want to explain why I …

One Man Army: Biting The Bullet

This week’s video comes from Ryanaldo24. It’s a mix of cruiser and BC fights with a couple of battleship fights.
I hope you enjoy it.

Video Description:
Eve PVP video by Ryanaldo24
Ships used : Stabber fleet, Myrmidon, Sleipnir, Maelstrom and Deimos
Track list
Matrix & Futurebound …

Travel fit Erebus destroyed in lowsec

Earlier today a Shadow Cartel Fleet tasked with removing Customs Offices from Messoya stumbled over an Erebus and were able to swiftly tackle and destroy it. The link to the entry in the Shadow Cartel killboard can be found here:

Asakura …


Its the weekend, Burn Jita 3 is live and happening!
Below you can find different feeds of people streaming their jita experience:
Streamed by: Daopa
Watch live video from Daopa on
Streamed by: Eve Online Pro
Watch live video from Eve_Online_Pro on
Streamed by: …

A Southern Front Update

As the Halloween War comes to a close, a number of events and milestones mark the winding down of the now six-month conflict between Russian and N3 forces.
HERO, a coalition consisting of BRAVE, TEST, and HONOR, have been besieging the region of Catch, a region historically held by Russian aligned …

Jester’s Trek: How do you stop

A reader challenged me to a really interesting mental exercise this week that I’ve decided to take up. It’s going to get me yelled at and cause yet more misconceptions about me but hey, I can’t seem to say “hello” this year without causing that. So what the hell, eh? …

Seraph IX Basarab: Renting in New Eden

Renting is a part of 0.0 living that few people seem to really understand. It has been described as “space feudalism” with a touch of criticism to say the least. The Goons referred to Band of Brothers as an “evil empire” for doing exactly that. It was so until they saw that …

Dev Blog: Fanfest 2014 – A Festival for the Best of Fans


CCP Legion here to bring you a detailed look of what’s happening at this year’s Fanfest in Reykjavik, Iceland 1-3 May.  This blog will give an overview of the session schedule and all of the different events during and around Fanfest.

If you want to jump right into …

Greedy Goblin: Get Burned in Jita announced

Goons did not learn from the high losses last year and announced that on this weekend they will organize the third Burn Jita. I wrote already how can you turn this event into “got Burned in Jita”. This post is just a reminder and summary.
The first thing is to remember that despite …

Big Game Hunting – Ragnarok down

Yesterday, Pandemic Legion (PL) nabbed themselves another Titan. This time the Ragnarok of FomkA.

Titans and Supercapitals; powerful, expensive, and unable to dock. Every good pvper desires one of these (or several) on their killboard. PL are …

I Want Isk Exclusive Interview

Recently I got to sit down with I Want Isk and ask him a couple of questions about the EVE gambling site that he created back in 2013
1.First, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?
I am a coder full time. I dislike having bosses and as such I have coded things that I myself …

Open Thread: EVE Legion

So, today my internets are going wild with the apparent trademark registry of the EVE: Legion brand on behalf of CCP Games. All this, according to, a site dedicated “To be the world’s largest and finest online legal technology platform empowering individuals, small …

Rage Rolling with No Holes Barred

For those of you less savvy to the wormhole world, Rage Rolling is a popular wormhole PvP operation designed to use the mechanics of limited mass to chain collapse wormholes and find targets. A fleet is formed up in the home alliance’s wormhole, chilling at POSes, or running PvE at home …

PLEX: The Final Word

In my original article, I laid the blame for increased demand for PLEX, and thus the rate of of inflation, at the feet of CCP. As if they had no good reason to keep adding new uses for PLEX. While I stick by the premise that CCP’s actions do indeed have a direct influence on demand, I screwed up …

Lowsec: Industry on Hard Mode

Industrialists are often looked down upon by the PVP oriented players in EVE. Those who mainly manufacture and trade are viewed as people who take little risk in-game. They are seen as safely riding the coattails of nullsec empires, or as people who exist isolated in highsec where they hardly …

CFC announces Burn Jita 3

Finally the details of burn Jita 3 has been announced by its organizers.
Burn Jita 3 is scheduled to happen from the 25th till the 28th of April. This announcement was made on the GSF forums with the following post:
The Fuck Goddamnit Yes It’s Happening Call Your Fucking Mother I HOPE YOU …

Mabrick: Building Better Worlds for Whom?

I’ve been at Norwescon 37 all weekend, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t read the dev blog Building Better Worlds before I left. It doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it constantly since last Monday. It doesn’t mean I haven’t read Jester’s initial post …

BRAVE pilots Experienced something new

Last Night or early in the morning depending where you live, Brave Newbies tackled a couple of drunk COW carriers.
Titans and Supers are often ships that people see and then go :sigh: However newer pilots such as brave newbies react different. Feel free to watch the video yourself and hear what …

One Man Army: Bandicam 2.0

*sorry this was late on being published, I didn’t have time to post it Saturday, and didn’t have time on 4/20*
This week’s video is the prequel to the last Bandicam video posted by God’s Apples.
I hope you all enjoy it.

Video Description:
Follow God’s Apples and co. …

Pandemic Legion Drop BL Erebus.

Last night during US-TZ a Black legion Erebus fell in lowsec to the hands of Pandemic Legion.
Pandemic Legion had started to follow certain members of Black Legion in an attempt to catch them with their trousers down. It is unknown if this was one of their targets but we know at least that a PL …

Jester’s Trek: Traitor

OK, let’s talk about the industry changes announced so far.
Between the refining change announced last month and the overall sweep of the industry changes announced by CCP Ytterbium a few days ago, a number of you want to talk to me about this. And most or all of you that want to talk to me …

EVENT: Sniggwaffe Kill an Aeon Event

One of the pilots in in Sniggwaffe is leaving the game but before he does he wants to go out with a bang. He will fly his Aeon untill death and then wave goodbye.
Where: Kinakka
When: Saturday April 26th @ 23:00 eve time

If you want to stay updated then you should check out this forum post!
See …

29.7b ISK Freighter Down.

You’d think with the amount of times we post unfortunate freighter ganks on this site pilots would be wising up and realising that carrying nearly 30b ISK of cargo might not be as safe as you otherwise suspected, however this is not the case as demonstrated below.
With a 29.7b ISK loss (loot …