Watch This: This Fat Kid got sick moves – New Tristan Animation.

Here is a very short video of the new moving “wings” (or legs) of the revamped Tristan

Watch This: Breaking Shot

The description says “About As Good As A German Ski Lesson”, a jaw-dropping Incarna hit

Tweetfleet: Good or Bad?

In today’s tweetfleet we’ll feature what seems to be a gripe among most non-CFC players. Our good friend Mabrick posted a short but striking article at his EVE blog …

Showcase: New ships skins and Models currently on Sisi

AkrasjelLanate made a fine job showcasing the new ship skins and models, check this out the following showcase of what’s currently rolling out from

PSA: CCP Sponsored New Player Mining Fleet due for this Saturday

This Saturday at 18:00 EVE Time, CCP will be running a New Player Training Session mining fleet. As opposed to our previous fleets (which involved going out into low and null sec …