Open Thread: Hands of Despair is +5 to N3

So, the word is out, Hand of Despair are evacuating their stuff, and 90% of N3 is temporarily blue-ing up Hand of Despair to let them get their stuff out (Eve Skunk seems to …

Riverini for the Council of Stellar Management 9

Hey guys, it is that time of the year again and I have decided to once again give it a shot and in the process provide a proper discussion venue for well known but rarely …

Watch This: This Fat Kid got sick moves – New Tristan Animation.

Here is a very short video of the new moving “wings” (or legs) of the revamped Tristan

Watch This: Breaking Shot

The description says “About As Good As A German Ski Lesson”, a jaw-dropping Incarna hit

Tweetfleet: Good or Bad?

In today’s tweetfleet we’ll feature what seems to be a gripe among most non-CFC players. Our good friend Mabrick posted a short but striking article at his EVE blog …