Watch This: Between Fanfests Development Review (2016-2017)

Check out the major things that were added to EVE Online in just a single year (between Fanfest 2016 and Fanfest

Dev Post: Fozzie’s Upwell Refineries Q/A

There has been a huge amount of feedback given to CCP Games following the announcement of the new refinery system, you can read the announcement here.
CCP Fozzie posted a quick …

Overview: EVE Online March Release Theme (“Unfathomable Depths”)

The EVE Online March release is almost upon us, schedule to be released this next tuesday. As it is customary from CCP Games, a new soundtrack theme has been released, take a …

Overview: EVEMail – A web-based EVE Mailing App.

Today David Davaham announced the release of a stable version of EVEmail, a slick, faster and easy to use web-based eve mailing app:

Hello Everybody,
Today I introduce to you the …

Always Showing Ship Bracket Text is now a thing….

CCP Logibro surprised many with the pro-tip on the EVE-O forums on how to turn on the ship bracket text even if the ship isn’t locked:
Hey guys
So recently a number of …