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HAX. Down a Nyx in Lowsec

On the 25th of March a Nyx class super-carrier died in the low-sec system of Ignoitton which is part of the Sinq Liason region in New Eden.
This Nyx was piloted by Unbowed Ash, …

EVE Fanfest: Sov 5.0

The sovereignty presentation recently took place at this year’s fanfest which was presentated by CCP Fozzie. I have attempted to make notes on the main points and …

EVE: Valkyrie Trailer

Recently announced at Fanfest this year check out the below Gameplay trailer for EVE: Valkyrie below. I for one think it look’s

CO2 Alliance take down an Aeon in their back yard.

Today appears to be a bad day to fly a super-capital as prior to this Aeon being destroyed in Tribute, a Nyx and another Aeon have also been destroyed in the last 24 hours.
The …

Nyx Down in Arton

Earlier today a Nyx was lost in the system of Arton. This system was mentioned in my previous article with regards to it’s well known status of being a capital ship …