Kirith Kodachi: A Year Review of EVE’s Logged in Player Numbers

Let’s take a look at our favourite status monitor site EVE-Offline and see what the concurrent players numbers look like for 2014.

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Overall, 2014 has to be …

Kirith Kodachi: Game Changer

EVE is in a sort of renaissance right now in terms of game mechanics.
You don’t have to go too far in the memory banks to remember there was a time where new modules were …

Kirith Kodachi: Identity Crisis

CCP Rise did a dev post where he outlined the changes for balancing the Tech II recon cruiser classes:

We had a few big goals with Recons:
Give Combat Recons something to make …

Kirith Kodachi: Team Un-Building

My reaction when the dev blog about industrial rentable teams in the Cruis industry revamp was released was tepid at best:

Overall, I’m disappointed. When I saw teams were …

Kirith Kodachi: The Lore Is Important

Somewhere along the line, CCP realized that the game universe lore was important to the players of EVE online even though they disparage role playing. Or rather remembered.
The …