Watch This: Jonny Pew – The Agency Event Overview

Our good friend Jonny Pew brings us a first person account on the latest EVE Online live event: The Agency.
From the press release:
The Agency will reward you with PLEX, …

Jonny Pew: New Probe & D-Scan UI Changes

As we approach the next release, more and more players uncover the goodies CCP Games has been working hard, many of which are already live on the Singularity (Sisi) server.
Today …

Jonny Pew: Check out the New Cormorant Ship Model!

CCP Games is back at it redesigning ships that nobody asked for, but we will all be very grateful when the new designs hit Tranquility.
Today our good friend Jonny Pew bring us a …

Watch This: JonnyPew – New Event Site Drops Ship SKINs!

The september patch will bring new PVE content to carebears and isk prospectors alike, our good friend JonnyPew took upon himself the task of venturing into the singularity server …

JonnyPew: Six New Frigate Redesigns Coming Soon!

Our good friend Jonny Pew teases us on the upcoming frigate model redesigns, CCP Games seems to know no rest in the eve of the november