Applications for CSM 12 Now Open!

CCP has announced that applications for CSM 12 are now open. If you are interested in becoming a canidate see below(The following is a reprint of the CCP announcement):
Voting for …

CCP Alert: Singularity mass test on 1/31/2017

CCP has announced a mass test on the test server (Singularity) for later today. See below for the CCP notice posted by CCP Phantom:

2017-01-30 13:47
By CCP Phantom

Join our …

NEWS ALERT: CSM12 Elections are coming soon!

Have you ever wanted to be a space politician? Do you think you have what it takes to “Make Eve Great Again”? Then this news alert is for you. CCP has announced the …

Breaking News: Multiple Systems Under Attack by TESTCO (Updated)

System: 36N-HZ
Region : Catch
Reports have surfaced that TESTCO forces are currently attacking the Volition Cult held system of 36N-HZ. Current intel indicates that as of 20:03 …

Breaking News: Stain Wagon IHUB Destroyed

System: V-3YG7
Region: Catch
Yesterday, the Stain Wagon Coalition and their Imperium Allies rallied their banners to defend the system of V-3YG7 from the invading forces …