Rare ‘Gold’ Magnate destroyed

Not too long ago four capsuleers received high praise and honor for their part as victors in the Imperial Succession Trials that ultimately saw the enthronement and crowning of …

LIVE STREAM – EVEATHON 2017 Day 2 Now Streaming!

Eve News 24 is proud to simulcast “EVEATHON 2017.”
EVEathon 2017 will be benefiting┬áThe AbleGamers Foundation, an established non-profit organization dedicated to …

Killmail: 20 Billion ISK Gila Down


Watch This: Gentleman Gamer-Rogue Swarm Nest!

New Video by The Gentleman Gamer
Published on Jun 13, 2017
In game Channel: “GG Lounge”
GG`s Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Af4txtW
Note the Rogue Swarm …

Dev Post- Fighter Nerf scaled back…some

The expected and upcoming ‘nerfs’ to fighter damage are in flux today as CCP recently posted a change to the expected nerfs that differ from what was announced last …