CCP Alert: Singularity mass test on 1/31/2017

CCP has announced a mass test on the test server (Singularity) for later today. See below for the CCP notice posted by CCP Phantom:

2017-01-30 13:47
By CCP Phantom

Join our …

NEWS ALERT: CSM12 Elections are coming soon!

Have you ever wanted to be a space politician? Do you think you have what it takes to “Make Eve Great Again”? Then this news alert is for you. CCP has announced the …

Breaking News: Multiple Systems Under Attack by TESTCO (Updated)

System: 36N-HZ
Region : Catch
Reports have surfaced that TESTCO forces are currently attacking the Volition Cult held system of 36N-HZ. Current intel indicates that as of 20:03 …

Breaking News: Stain Wagon IHUB Destroyed

System: V-3YG7
Region: Catch
Yesterday, the Stain Wagon Coalition and their Imperium Allies rallied their banners to defend the system of V-3YG7 from the invading forces …

CCP Announces newest release: 119.1 due on January 10th

Today CCP released the patch notes and expected date for the first update to Eve Online for 2017. The update, expected to be delivered at downtime on January 10th will contain …