Dev Blog: The Price of Change

Greetings space pharaohs,

Let's talk about job pricing!

Older blogs in this series can be found in the archive: Reprocess all the things! – Building better …

Dev Post: Jump Drive Isotope Consumption

Hello everyone!
In the upcoming Summer release we are making a lot of changes that we expect will impact player behavior surrounding manufacturing, mining and starbase use. We see …

Dev Blog: Researching, the Future

Greetings space-labrats,

Let's talk about research!

Older blogs in this series can be found in the archive.

There's two major changes we're making to …

PSA: Rubicon 1.4 released, patch notes inside.

Patch notes for EVE Online: Rubicon 1.4
Released on Monday, April 28th 2014

Omnidirectional tracking link cycle time has been increased to 30 seconds. Capacitor …

Dev Blog: Industry UI

Greetings space pharaohs.

As you may have heard by now, we are working on a complete player experience overhaul for Industry in 2014 and plan to release the first iteration of …