* LIVE * Eve Online Fanfest 2014 Stream – Day 3

Today marks the final day of the 2014 Fanfests, here is the live stream, we’ll be live blogging the CCP Presents keynote at 17:00 GMT

Here is the schedule for day 3:

Dev Blog: Fortune Favors the Bold

Mining, Ore and the New Prospect

Hello space pioneers, this is CCP Fozzie! I’m happy to be introducing one of the new ships coming to EVE Online in our upcoming June …

Check ‘Em: Limited EVE Online Fanfest Deals of the Week!

CCP Games seems to be in a celebratory mood given the streak of fanfest deals for all players to take advantage of. Here are this week’s deals in case you didn’t …

* LIVE * Fanfest 2014 Stream

The fanfest starts now! Here is the stream + chat for the 2014 Fanfest,

Dev Blog: Industry Work Teams

Hello capsuleers! This is CCP SoniClover of Team Super Friends, here to talk some more about Industry changes for the summer.

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