Alliance Tournament XII – Teams revealed

Here we are at last! The Tournament Team has detailed the rules and format, teams have signed up to meet and do glorious battle in beautiful space as well as have access to a …

Dev Blog: Starbase changes for Crius.

Hello space ladies and gentlemen.

While you are all enjoying the new content available in Kronos, we would like to draw your attention to what’s coming up in Crius, our …

Dev Post: Little things from Team Super Friends

so far we have two new very nice little things for you
Flag exempt from fleet warp
Good for scouts and people in Titans (I guess).. you can now flag yourself exempt from fleet …

Dev Blog: POCOs and Wars coming to an API near you!

Well crud,

It's been some time since there was a dev blog on API related stuff. This will be a pretty brief dev blog but should contain a few interesting things.

This …

OverView: EVE Online Kronos Theme Music.

CCP Games just released the EVE Online Kronos main theme which you can hear after the jump.

I really like the Tron-ish feel they decided to maintain from the Rubicon relase. Take …