EVE Online’s 2015 Fanfest announced.

Mark your calendars boys and girls, the 2015 Fanfest has a date and you can now secure your tickets

The final details for Fanfest …

Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound

Hi everyone,

We are about to make some significant changes to how long-distance travel in various forms works in EVE, with the aim of significantly increasing minimum travel …

In-Development: Features of EVE Online’s Oceanus Release

Another wave of exciting new additions arrives 30 September in Oceanus, the latest in EVE Online’s rapid rollout of continuous updates.
French Localization
More Burner …

EVE Online Oceanus Patch Notes.

Here are the patch notes for the EVE Online Oceanus release which is due to launch next tuesday, notable from these notes is this bit, aimed at mitigating the Titan bumping …

CCP Veritas Introduces: Dojos

Greetings Spaceship Fighting Enthusiasts,
Have you ever wanted a little pewpew but didn’t have the time to find a fight, or even fit a ship? Well, have I got the extremely …