Low Sec Doomsdays could be coming to Phoebe.

CCP fozzie mentioned in the EVE-O Forums the opportunity to discuss the use of the Titan’s Doomsday weapons in Low Sec, something which until now has been barred via in-game …

Dev Post: HP/Resists Tweaks for Sov Structures and Station Services for Phoebe.

CCP Fozzie just opened the discussion on Structure changes, it seems like the reduction in HP but the increase in resist is intended to favor the defensive site reppin’ …

Dev Post: Long Distance Travel Dev Tweaks.

CCP Greyscale just posted a few adjustments to the proposed Long Distance Travel nerf, take a look:
Hi everyone,
We’ve collected, parsed and …

PSA: If you have never flown a Capital, now is the time to give it a try… in Sisi.

Hey folks,
In Phoebe we are adding the ability to jump capital ships through gates and we would love you all to have a shot.
“But Claymore, I do not have the skills on Sisi …

PSA: EVE Probe – New Build Available.

CCP Maxell just announced the newest release of the EVE Probe tool:
Ever-probing Capsuleers!
You can find a link to a new version of EVE Probe below:
Release …