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Video: Eve Online – Wanderers

The following video was made by zaqq and its amazing!

Submission: Alyxportur’s view on Static/Stagnant income

Moons were/are one of the biggest parts of a sov war. Why? The value of r64s and r32s can be enormous. In the case of Tenerifis, the value per month is about 114 billion ISK …

Solo Clip: Vagabond by Mr Hyde

Went on a long roam without links/implants and got some footage in my 100mn AB Vagabond. Hope you

Video: Mr Hyde – Chill Summer Frags

Mr Hyde uploaded a new video; a compilation of small fun fights in a variety of ships including: Nighthawk, Rokh, Rattlesnake, Gila, Kronos, and Brutix!

Leaks: Drama time in FCON

Disclaimer: The following leak was submitted to us by a pilot who wishes to stay anonymous.
More of FCON leadership issues. Kari Trace- As of 2015-07-27 @00:00:01 UTC I have …