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Submission: The story behind a successful 100BIl SCAM

Disclaimer: The following piece was submitted by Kurisa Ongrard. All statements made reflect his opinion and do not reflect EN24’s
EVE Online is a special game, one that …

Submission: The Wormhole Report – Second Genesis

[ In A Band Apart our Wormhole Corporations are thriving, growing and expanding. I intend to bring stories, reports and adventures to you regularly from that side of the universe. …

Event: G-FLEET Camp Zero on October 30th / 31st

The following submission was done by Tairon Usaro

In Duesseldorf, Germany. G-FLEET will take over Bar95, normally home to fans of Duesseldorf’s very own football club, Fortuna. …

Solo Clip: Rattlesnake

Once again Mr Hyde created an amazing solo pvp video of him flying around in his Rattlesnake!

Submission: The Atron

The Atron is an amazing ship; it is able pwn solo as well as admirably serve roles in small gang and fleet PvP. The variety of functional fittings allow this little baby to …