The CSM Podcast Ep.1 ft Jin’taan, Xenuria & MrHyde113

The first episode of Apothne‘s CSM Podcast featuring Jin’taan, Xenuria &

The Zkill Guide to the nightmare

A Nightmare guide made by rhiload!

Bob’s Corner: Episode 5!

Bit rusty but here is a new episode of Bob’s

CSM: Wormhole Town Hall Aug 13th 19:00

Disclaimer: This post was originally posted by NoobMan in this forum thread
Hey all!
So with the CSM XI Fall Summit coming up in September, I want to go into it with as much …

Video: Niden’s Dishonorubru (EVE Online Machariel PvP)

Niden, known as a Crossing Zebra’s Editor-In-Chief and the creator off some amazing art work, created an amazing pvp video named ”Dishonorubru”.