Nulli Secunda lose 2 titans In Aridia to Pandemic Legion

Early this morning, Nulli Secunda lost two Titans piloted by tiberius79p and Shadow867 Koraka at the hands of Pandemic Legion and in Lowsec system of Ajna in

DRAMA: Black Legion internal struggles

Disclaimer: Drama is often created because people have many different views on what happened; this includes multiple versions and stories. Please keep this in mind when reading …

Video: Top 5 Moments of Alliance Tournament 13

Hendrick Tallardar created a video with the top Five moments from the 13th Alliance Tournament. It’s awesome to see all the amazing moments from this years Alliance …

Leaks: The Initiative’s Alliance Update

Another day, Another leak! This time we show you The Initiative. [INIT.]‘s alliance Update, Enjoy!
Leadership Update #33, 30/07/2015 “Sounds Of Summer”
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