A successful Bomber Bar operation leaves five rorquals contributing building materials in a different manner, as salvage.

(-0.1) R-BGSUFountain
Rorqual The Bastion Bran Mannanan (Rorqual)
The Bastion
Bright Side of Death lEclipse (77)
Bright Side of Death
(-0.5) L-1SW8Fountain
Rorqual Tactical Narcotics Team VandahlDK Itonula (Rorqual)
Tactical Narcotics Team
Fear The Deer
Rorqual Tactical Narcotics Team Trildril Naari (Rorqual)
Tactical Narcotics Team
Sebiestor Tribe
Rorqual Tactical Narcotics Team Hobling Itonula (Rorqual)
Tactical Narcotics Team
Rorqual Tactical Narcotics Team VanDahlMule (Rorqual)
Tactical Narcotics Team

 Bomber View

We reached out to several pilots involved and Aspin Darkfire of WiNGSPAN Delivery Network (WDN) was happy to provide some insight.

EN24: 5 Rorquals down in 1 night, in multiple systems, impressive. How did you manage to find out about their mining operation?

Aspin Darkfire: I’d be happy to give you some insight, but as you can imagine I was just one bomber in a very successful Bomber’s Bar fleet with over 90 participants from dozens of corporations. All the credit goes to Chaos for organizing the NPSI fleet and his logistics team (hunters, rollers, black ops pilots). As a WiNGSPAN Delivery Services agent my goal is to deliver as many torpedoes as I can on behalf of my CEO Chance Ravinne, and those Rorqual’s were certainly in need of munitions.

EN24: What did the locals do in response to your attack?

Aspin Darkfire: I was VERY impressed with the reaction time of the Goons the second time we tried to ambush one of their mining fleets, but it was only after they had taken heavy losses a few hours earlier on our first strike. They managed to send a response fleet moments after we landed and we had to abort out operation.

EN24: Did you specifically target Goons, or was it a matter of opportunity?

Aspin Darkfire: The operation was not targetted at any corporation specifically, but rather they were victims of opportunity, as the Bombers Bar fleet was hunting all over nullsec rolling wormholes and sending hunters in each new nullsec connection looking for content.

EN24: You have shared a ton, anything you want to add about the operation?

Aspin Darkfire: I am still in awe by after seeing 90+ players, many of whom have never flown together and aren’t in the same corporation, following the Bomber’s Bar leadership into battle with such discipline and focus.

*Conversation was edited from evemails and reduced to actual event content. Nothing from Aspin Darkfire was edited, including order of responses.

Killmails To Include All

With Bomber Bar Fleet ranging in size from 40 to 90+ pilots they have a ton of DPS. Typical fleet have between 20,000 – 30,000 DPS, meaning even multiple capital ships will only have just over a minute of life. How do you keep a herd of cats, that often have never flown together, from missing out? Well teach them that “Sharing is Caring.” Bomber Bar has a “Point First (or any e-war) Policy”. Utilizing non-DPS methods to tag onto a killmail is nothing new, but the idea that this is core and featured in the groups FAQs shows how much the group cares about including the whole fleet vs. securing a kill.

Final Thoughts

While I have never flown with Bomber Bar -I may dip my toe into now- the idea of “rogue groups” generating content is great for Eve. It can keep pilots from the wasting that is boredom. Having the ability to throw together a herd of capsuleers and achieve some, even small, shows that Eve is really centered around groups.

They will fear you and avoid you even if you fly any ship, because you never know – maybe there are hundred ships on the other side waiting? Happy hunting, guys…
Bomber Bar Website

Special thanks you Aspin Darkfire, you are very clear in your communication and added a ton of context to a simple series of killmails. Keep generating content, and fly safe.


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