Welcome to the last part of Meet the North. We have already covered GOTG and PanFam. Now, last but certainly not least, we look at the Northern and Mercenary Coalitions. These twin powers cast a long shadow over EVE history, and are well worthy of study.

Northern Coalition. [NC]

Northern Coalition. is a partner to Pandemic Legion. It is similarly storied and originates from the fall of the old Northern Coalition (note the lack of a dot). Old NC had attempted a content invasion of the Russians to the east. Unfortunately, they had underestimated the Russian response. The entire eastern part of the game unified into the Drone Region Federation (DRF) and counter-attacked.
The Russian forces bulldozed through various clients and pets of Old NC. However, they hit a wall in the form of Morsus Mihi (MM). MM was wealthy, organized, and committed. They dug in their heels and fought back. To break the deadlock, the DRF hired in Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition.

Leveraging their skilled pilots and capital fleets, they worked with the Russians to rout the Old NC. After that, they took some space in Tribute – though often deployed to find content elsewhere. In 2012, after a violation of the OTEC agreement, they were attacked by Goonswarm on their border. Allied with Black Legion, they put up a good fight, particularly in AU TZ. Eventually, however, the weight of numbers forced them from Tribute.

They moved around the map, forming the N3 coalition and fighting against Goonswarm interests. Eventually, after World War Bee in 2016, they came home to the north and retook sovereignty in Tribute. Now, they project power all over the map in search of content. A recent victory was in Providence.

They have ~4300 members and are led by Vince Drakken.

Mercenary Coalition [MC]

Mercenary Coalition is something of a dinosaur in New Eden. It has two unique attributes. Firstly, it is one of the oldest surviving organizations in EVE, having existed for 14 years. Secondly, it is – as the name suggests – a mercenary group. This means that they do not play the sovereignty game, but rather are hired to fight for clients. This model originates from early nullsec, where pure industrial corps would hire in mercenaries to defend them. Nearly all other mercenaries died out or switched to conventional power players. Not so MC.

Starting in 2004, they have been present in many important conflicts. Their back to back campaigns which ended first the Great Northern War and Fade Union in late 2004 catapulted them to prominence. They went on to fight in battles all over New Eden. During the Great War, they had sovereignty in Period Basis to live in and fought alongside Band of Brothers to defend it.

However, during the Siege of Delve, they switched sides and fought against Band of Brothers. Their leader, Seleene, described this as good business. Sir Molle, of BoB, disagreed. In any case, after the fall of BoB, MC went on to fight around the map. They had limited discernible pattern, rather taking contracts as offered.

At the moment, they occupy a constellation in Tribute as a home base and sortie out on contracts. They are lead by Seleene and have ~1700 members.