In days of yore, the rich would pay the clergy for absolution by purchasing certificates known as indulgences. What sin lurks in the heart of the Mercenary Coalition? Only the Space Pope knows.

Mercenary Coalition has gifted Maximilian Singularity, Pope of New Eden, with a Keepstar-class citadel. Located in the Basgerin system of Sinq Laison, the citadel shall bear the name of ‘Vatican Freeport Popestar.’ In a joint press release, His Holiness and the Coalition announced that the Keepstar would become a true freeport. The release constituted the Pope’s most recent official declaration, speaking ex cathedra. Previous declarations have touched on slavery and Imperial succession.

Seleene, Executor of the Mercenary Coalition, stated that the donation was inspired by the humanitarian contributions of the Pope’s Sixth Empire, as well as his contributions to the study of physics of New Eden. The Sixth Empire is known for its nonpartisan search-and-rescue operations; ‘Answer All Calls’ is their watchword. Of New Eden’s few humanitarian organizations, perhaps only the Signal Cartel wormhole rescue service has a comparable reputation.

Ten systems from the trade hub of Dodixie, Basgerin is a 0.4 system surrounded by highsec. As Basgerin is a lowsec island, the port may not see an awful lot of ships that suit its grandeur. Still, its convenient location and appealing lowsec traits – moon mining options, for example – should make the papal citadel a worthwhile destination. The grand old papal title of Pontifex Maximus means ‘supreme bridge-builder,’ and His Holiness could earn no more fitting moniker as he presides over the ecumenical Popestar.

Jenne ExuperyJenne Exupery is a low-wattage independent who dabbles in shipping, salvage, trade, exploration, and nearly victimless heists. He can usually be found bumming around Derelik and Domain under one name or another. Preferred contact method: in-game mail to Jenne Exupery of Manticore-Horizon Shipping [MANHO].

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