What appears to be the 14th ever Revenant loss according to zKillboard has occurred in Lonetrek. Destroyed today for a net worth of a little more than 101 billion ISK according the the website, an amount that zKill correlates to being worth about $1,100 USD or about 850€ for those capsuleers across the pond.


The full story of why and how is not yet revealed based on reddit commentary, but a recurring belief is that the pilot was baited or potentially undocked at the wrong time and place. The faction supercarrier was brought down primarily by Really Strong Alliance near Aunenen VII – Asteroid Belt 1. Details are sketchy, but what can be seen is what appears to be multiple Thanatos, a Nyx, and a Hel dropped on the vulnerable Revenant with a few subcaps to help pin the super cap down. Top damage was earned by Ronald Bathana with the final blow delivered by Quantum Reaper.


The ship itself appears to be travel fit meaning it fared little chance in the assault in Lonetrek, though the lack of aid from allies and friends to save the ship is remarkably absent. All in all, though, a solid kill and a large Sansha-themed feather in the cap of the victors.


Popo is a jack of all trades dabbling in everything from industry to mercenary work with a ‘Die Standing’ mentality. He can be found in Derelik when in hisec or more often down in null with his corpmates, usually under one name or another. Preferred contact method is in-game mail to Monique Chevalier of DNS-Requiem [DNS-R].

  • xD xD xD

    Death to all supers. Although TItan hunters have become equally gay.

  • Stranification

    He warped to a safe from the KS willing to cloak (dafuq?) but was probed down (by the infamous on-gate-JF killer), and then dropped after some unsuccesful ransom attempts.

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  • Konferge

    I'm still proud to have been part of the first ever player owned Revenant kill, that was some fun shit, lol

  • Martin Barkaway Nielsen

    What do you mean the lack of aid from allies and friends to save the ship is remarkably absent, ofc its absent since they live in Feythabolis.

  • Fact checker

    Isn't that the 15th Revenant loss? There's 14 on zkill, but there was one event a year or two ago where so many players got on the kill that TQ didn't generate a killmail.

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