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Official Statement of Apology by Eve News 24

August 24, 2017

As Editor In Chief of Eve News 24 I have 2 simple rules.

  1. While I encourage aggressive reporting, at no time do we ever cross the line into and/or publish “Real World Personal” information either directly or through innuendo. This goes for any of our work be it opinion or otherwise. Examples of this are, but not limited to:
    • Personal Medical Conditions
    • Personal non-game related financial issues
    • Personal non-game related legal issues
    • Personal non-game related behavior that does not take place in-game or Eve related events.
  2. That, as-Editor-in-Chief, the ultimate “responsibility” and repercussions for any content we publish in violation of rule number one lies with me and me alone. As Editor-in-Chief, the direction, content, and articles we publish are done so based on my direction and authority. As such, when we as an organization fail our readers then that failure lies with me as a result of a failure of my leadership.

Last week, we published an article called “A Clear Distinction” by Seraph IX Basarab. This article was written with the intention to demonstrate that a reporter from Imperium.news (Moomin) was a ‘propagandist’ whose is more a Imperium “Surrogate” and less an objective reporter. However, after reflection we feel this article broke our cardinal rule:

  • The article included a conversation between Seraph and Moomin in a public channel were Seraph tried to discover if his difficulty conversing with Moomin to find common ground was rooted in a specific out of game medical issue. That said, had this conversation continued between the two and left there then it would have likely ended. However, this conversation was pasted in the article and included the above referenced article.
  • During our editorial review, we both missed it and failed to appreciate the nature of those comments and the impact they could have on not only Moomin but on our other readers. We clearly crossed out of game and into discussing or hinting at information, that by all rights, is personal to any player regardless of who they are. ¬†Whether, or not, he has any medical condition is not our business and certainly not ours to report.
  • As such, this information should not have made it past either myself or our editorial review process.

So I have taken the following steps as a result of this:

  1. I removed the article and then discussed our failure with both my writers and leadership team. The writer was allowed to edit the article to remove the offending elements. As well, I discussed our commitment to ensure in the future we do not cross this line again. After our conversation, I sincerely feel that Seraph did not intend to belittle any mental health condition and felt he was trying to making a point respectfully. Writers tend to hyper focus on their work and, as such, can sometimes fail to see the landmines in their writing. This is where editors and myself serve to ensure we help the writer avoid those pitfalls. Furthermore, Seraph has offered to and is reaching out to multiple parties to apologize for his comments and made the following statement:
  1. In the original running of the article, I provided an excerpt from a public discussion between me and Moomin. In it I inquired if there was a particular issue that made our mutual understanding (not) possible. This was a sincere question and was not meant to belittle anyone with any such condition. In return, Moomin lashed out with a racist and homophobic slur. Some people were offended by that and so our editorial team has decided to remove the specific excerpt from the article. The point was not to offend anyone with any real life conditions, but instead to show how overzealous some can become in regards to their in game allegiance.

  2. I then met with the editorial staff and we reaffirmed our commitment to ensure this never happens again.
  3. I then apologized to my staff for a failure in leadership, the damage this caused, and offered to Riverini to resign my position if he felt I had lost the mandate and support to lead. He rejected my resignation, and along with the entire leadership team pledged their support to ensure we do better in the future.
  4. We are releasing a guide to all editors and writers to help clarify our policy and ensure we can still aggressively cover New Eden without stepping outside the lines.

Finally, speaking officially for the entire Eve News 24 Organization I have this to say directly to Moomin, INN, and the Eve Community.

We acknowledge that we failed you all in publishing an article that was clearly not respectful to Moomin and INN. We used supposition to hint at very personal medical condition that we have no knowledge of or belief that exist to try and prove a point. We also published a ‘racially insensitive’ comment that had no bearing on the article. Eve News 24 apologizes to Moomin, Imperium News, and our readers for crossing this line. We hope that you will trust us to do better in the future.

If anyone would like to discuss this with me directly I can be reached at [email protected]

Johann Landier
Editor In Chief
Eve News 24