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June Event: Rogue Swarm Alert – Live on Sisi

June 13, 2017

The June event involving the presence of hostile rogue drones colonizing regions outside of the Drone Region has launched on Sisi, with intrepid Capsuleers perfecting their fits and tactics ahead of tomorrows planned release.

CCP released this description of the event:

The swarm is coming!

Our June event – Rogue Swarm Alert – kicks off on the 13th with the June release!

Join your fellow capsuleers and help CONCORD defeat the swarms of rogue drones.

The bigger the drones, the better the chances of getting valuable rewards. Pilots of all abilities and levels are welcome and encouraged to assist, from the newest alpha pilots to the most seasoned Omegas.

Find the Rogue Swarm Nest beacons in your overview, set course and warp to the sites. You must then clear the area of all hostiles to get your reward!

Rewards include PLEX, SKINs, drone blueprints and Accelerators.

Pilots are reporting that along with skins, boosters, plex, and bpc’s, the sites are dropping a decent amount of drone salvage, leading to speculation that CCP is attempting to bring the market down in order to get excavator drone prices in line, and make the bpc’s included in the site loot profitable to build. The Kador skin line, focused around a silver and blue theme, are the featured skins in this event, with the green and white wiyrkomi skins a rare drop.


The sites are easily completed in a multitude of ships from signature tanked frigates on upwards. Pilots should endeavor to shoot EM and Thermal damage into rogue drone swarms, and build their spacecraft to resist Explosive and Kinetic damage. It is very rough guideline in the case of drones so be sure to fill any obvious holes in your tank rather then trying for smaller returns on the main ones.


These drone sites areĀ  similar in nature to the Crimson Harvest sites, and feature three waves of frigates, followed by a battlecruiser wave, and the possibility of a battleship spawn. In the experience of this pilot with similar events, the battleship often spawns up to a minute after the last wave completes, and is easy to miss. Make sure it is on your overview as it will not automatically aggress you.

The following ships will need to be added to your overview, and you will need to have beacons enabled to see the sites in space.

  • Swarm Overmind Tertius Deadspace Rogue Drone Cruiser
  • Swarm Overmind Secundus Deadspace Rogue Drone BattleCruiser
  • Deadspace Rogue Drone Battleship.
  • Overmind Primus


Are you looking forward to the content this event will bring? What do you plan to fly? Will you farm for loot or tears? Let us know in the comments, we want to hear from you!