This is an interview with SimpleJack McProfit who recently lost his Hel Super Carrier class ship.

Q: How did you, as a such new EVE player, find your way into null sec?
A: I carebeared in high sec for a while and was mining veldspar for hours every day not knowing anything else, then I heard about these mysterious lands where isk fell from Havens like leaves in Autumn. So I packed up my bags and headed for Horde (the only place that would have me being so new).

Q: How fast did you get into your first capital ship?
A: I don’t know exactly how fast but it was several months after getting into null sec. As you can see on my Bio the killmail for it, the fitting was terrible, I didn’t have the proper skills, and I had no clue what I was doing. I lost it not too long after getting it recklessly flying it, but I think I learned more form that one loss than any other loss I ever had.

Q: How did you take the decision to buy a super capital?
A: Youtube, Reddit, I watched supercap videos non stop. I would just watch videos of them blapping other caps, and clearing havens in no time flat. Everything about them was attractive to me. I have been wanting one for a while when I was in Horde and Honor but several encounters with the higher ups in the alliance really turned me away from the supercap scene in that alliance. I knew that if/when I flew a supercap it wouldn’t be there so I liquidated my caps, all assets, broke the news to my corp-mates and headed off. I spent a bit settling in and feeling everything out here and and decided that I could see myself flying a supercap here and then put things in motion.

Q: How did you manage to collect so much isk and skills in such a short amount of time to buy a super carrier?
A: As I told you earlier I have made just as many friends as enemies in the past several months. Some people call me an idiot, moron, retard, meat sack, autistic guppy, etc, but others saw me playing the game and enjoying the resources I had instead of hoarding it, too afraid of losing stuff to ever use it. I guess that appealed to some people, Since they already won eve, they decided to help me out and watch with a grin on their face as they saw me drop my nid on a 5 man drake fleet, or just about anything that moved near our ratting pocket. I also had little events letting everyone who cared to just shoot at me when things were slow (long as they stopped when I was in armor) and just enjoy what I was given. I actually couldn’t part with my “Blue Intel” which was the replacement ship I got after my first cap loss. I actually cyno’d it all the way down here and it lives happily with me in my new home.

Q: What led to your super carrier destruction?
A: I could tell you of the technical details like how I was warping to a citadel instead of a POS, or how I didn’t kill the cyno inhib fast enough, but really in the end it came down to the PanFam’s undying hatred for me. No matter what, they were determined to kill me, and I knew that. It was just a matter of time, all I have to say is I wish that it was lost somewhat more spectacularly like in one of those large scale supercap fights that I dreamed of being part of.

Q: What was your reaction following the events?
A: Honestly my friends were more sick about it than I was. I simply look at it as a forced change of direction (temporarily). So instead of flying a Hel in battle maybe now I will be flying a Fax.

Q: Will you buy a new one or have you already bought a new one?
A: I haven’t gotten one yet, but I would like to some time in the future. I will say this though, that I am sure I will have long talks with my alliance before I do since I know supercap losses affect us as a whole and not just me. So if, in the future, I do I will be sure my alliance is good with it and that I have all of my bases covered.

Q: In the end what can you say to our readers about your experience?
A: Seriously, don’t let people discourage you from enjoying this game. T3D PVP or Indy isn’t for everyone. Just because you enjoy something different than what they enjoy doesn’t mean you have any less of a right to enjoy this game as they do. Also, there are exceptions to rule #1 of eve. It is alright to lose something you can’t replace, as long as you are in a state of mind where you can enjoy the experience of losing it as much as getting it. Also, be nice. People like nice people. Especially rich people. They really like nice people.

Thank you for your time. 

Fly Happy you beautiful little creatures! o7