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65bn Nyx down.

December 14, 2015

Unfortunately for the CEO of Anarchy Of Eden, their corporate mission statement of “Seek, Destroy, Conquer… Sort Later!” didn’t exactly go as planned today.

DonRedhorse was moving his Nyx through Sinq Laison low security space when he was scouted by Shadow Cartel. A quick call to some of their friends in Nocturnal Romance secured a small dreadnought fleet for an attempt on the Nyx. The hunting force set up in range of what they suspected to be the next jump towards a possible destination.

Patience paid off as the Nyx jumped into Raeghoscon as suspected, where it was immediately probed down by Trudge Amatin. The Nyx was shortly locked down and a cyno was lit. 6 Dreadnoughts and 1 Supercarrier jumped through and began hammering DonRedhorse in his supercarrier. The fleet of Machariels and assorted other ships from Shadow Cartel and Dead Terrorists quickly jumping through and joined the capitals.

The writing was on the wall at this point and it is suspected that the Nyx pilot decided to destroy his implants before his ship went down.

Even more scathing, however, was the loss of a Golem that had a substantial amount of officer modules (Estimated cost 30bn) that could have paid for another replacement Nyx had it not been in the hold.

The full killmail can be found here.