Happy Thanksgiving I realize Thanksgiving is an American holiday and the majority of my stellar brethren are not Americans but I feel there some value in taking a look at this, my favorite holiday.  Plus, as an American, I am inherently self-centered enough to feel the rest of the world is just doing it wrong and should be more like me.  We will start off with a quick history lesson.

The First AWOX: Star Date Y1621 A small corporation known as “Pilgrims”, arrived in system PLM-RK with the intention  of establishing a new base of operations.  The Pilgrims had recently left their home  system to create a new life on their own terms.  They trusted to their Diplo’s and  Devine providence to safe-gaurd them on this journey. Arriving in PLM-RK, the Pilgrims found the area was inhabited by a thriving coalition.

While the member organizations of this coalition occasionally warred with one  another, they were by and large a peaceful group focused mainly on farming and  ratting.  Since the focus of this coalition was more Indy than pvp the group was given  the name Indians.  Soon after arriving in PLM-RK, diplomatic contact was made  between the Pilgrims and the local representatives of the Indians.  The Pilgrims were  welcomed to the region and even given support to help get them established. Over time, the Pilgrims continued to grow with new members arriving in constant  flow.  The once small corporation grew into a sizable alliance known as the Colonists.

This growth eventually caused some pressure between the Colonists and the Indian  as the Colonist consumed all of the content in the region.  Deciding that the Indians  posed a potential future risk, the order was given to shoot all reds.  The Colonists  methodically destroyed or drove out nearly all of the original inhabitants.

Clearly the spirit of EVE was alive and well at the first Thanksgiving and so to, should the spirit of Thanksgiving live on in EVE.  A quick scan of the various message boards and forums shows EVE players are by and large, a curmudgeonly group.  We love to complain.  If CCP announced tomorrow they were giving us each an actual gold bar, there would be some complaining about the weight.  I ask that we take today to sit back and realize there is a great deal for which we have to be thankful.  I have made a list of the top three things for which I am thankful.

My friends. This game is made infinitely better (or worse) by the people with whom you play.  EVE has brought me into contact with people from all over the globe.  I get to learn about their lives and culture and share mine in return.  These friendship are at the heart of the game.

My enemies.  All life revolves around conflict and it is our enemies who best define our world.  These evil bastards are what make even a simple run to Jita for some turkey and dressing, and white knuckled affair.  They are the spice of the game.

Our universe.  EVE is a beautiful world which works incredibly well.  When I think of the size and scope of what is going on, I am constantly amazed that it works at all.  At just about any time of day, I can be transported from my home to a distant universe where I am an undying stellar titan.

Today’s impending orgy of feasting and football will likely keep me out of EVE but it will not keep EVE from my heart.  Thank you all, for whatever part you play in my EVE experience.

Your Drinking Buddy,



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