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About PLEX prices…

October 29, 2014

PLEX-prices – as usual – keep rising, the current price is a new record.

The interesting thing is the constantly decreasing volume. While there are always conspiracy theories about secret cabals controlling the PLEX price, the reason is less arcane.

You could see that average concurrent logins are weakly correlated to nullsec activities but strongly to highsec activities. This means that if less players log in, they are missing from highsec, not nullsec. Highsec is typical place for casual and new players while nullsec is usually filled with hardcore.

Being good in the game means that the price of the PLEX, even at its peak is pocket change to you. Someone who operate suicide dreads can surely afford to play for free. So the PLEX consumers are here to stay, creating a rigid demand.

The PLEX producers are the bad, new and casual players whose number is decreasing. Their main income source is PLEX creation. It’s somewhat natural: unless you heavily multibox or trade, your EVE income is $1-2/hour with the current PLEX prices. So for these players creating PLEX is an obvious choice. This does not contradict my earlier claims that they are bad players: they should trade or multibox. And this statement also doesn’t contradict with my even earlier statement that “multibox or fail” is a horrible design and will kill EVE.

So as the amount of casual players drop, the amount of PLEX production decreases, and decreased supply meeting with rigid demand means runaway prices. The prices will keep rising until:

They become unaffordable for the lighter farmers, like solo-L4 missioners and random ratters. As they quit or accept that they have to pay, they stop being PLEX consumers.

CCP focuses on casual and newbie content instead of iterating on hardcore content and attract more casuals and newbies.

As they produce PLEX-es, the supply increases.

– Gevlon Goblin

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