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Greedy Goblin: Masters, servants and minions…

July 10, 2014

There is a big confusion between who has power over who. The main reason for that is mixing people with groups. Groups make no decisions, people do. If there is democratic vote, everyone has 1/N power. If there is dictatorship, the dictator has power, the followers do not. However – unlike in real life – they can still vote with their feet. Pilots are immortal and no assets are essential. I mean losing assets stinks, but you can go on without them and regain them. It’s not like losing your home and becoming homeless. Everyone starts out as a zero-asset, minimal-skill newbie and we all grew up, so can do it again!

But here the topic is power distribution between groups and not between leaders and line members of the same group. How can one prove (or disprove) that “SMA is a Goon minion” or “renters/landlords are in power”? Simple: we should compare line members to line members. Comparing leaders may have theoretical importance, but since 99.9% of you will never be a leader, it’s not practically interesting. The US citizens are more free than the North Koreans not because they have 0.000001% power in electing the president, while the North Koreans have 0.000000, but because the president can’t execute them when he has a bad day, while the members of the Kim dynasty can, and often do.

Goon minions are minions because the line members there have more obligations for the same privileges as Goonwaffe line members. Both can use the space and do fun PvP, both has the same blue list, docking rights, structure access and so on, but the minion must participate in boring structure ops (bombless bombers) while the Goonwaffe Goon does not. I’d like to emphasize that the leadership being in Goonwaffe has nothing to do with it. The leaders decide which structures will be shot, which matters little to the line member. He is still stuck with that bombless bomber. Smaller N3 members are not minions, despite their alliance leaders don’t have more word in the strategy than SMA leaders within CFC. But once the order was given, the line members of all N3 alliances, including NC. and Nulli must go to battle equally. They can’t just rat all day.

Let’s look at renters vs landlords where the difference is much more obvious. Landlord line members will stay line members 99% of the time. Being even a corp leader is a privilege that only a few can reach. On the other hand every renter can – and often do – rent with his own alts or few friends. Good luck joining any landlord alliance with a 1-5 men corp! On the other hand, there are hundreds of corps with 5-20 pilots (that’s 1-5 people) in renter alliances.

A member corp of the landlords can be kicked without warning nor reason, just for not liking their face. A whole coalition member alliance can be reset. This case all the line members can have assets stuck or lost without them being responsible for the drama or being able to avoid it. Could any line TEST-ie prevent the drama between CFC and TEST? Do you think any line member was asked before PL reset N3? A renter corp can only be kicked if they violate the rental treaty. Without that, kicking them would make all other renters leave. While the corp can break the rules without the action of a particular line member (for example other member awoxes), but the line member isn’t forced to team up with anyone, he can rent on his own, just with his alts or trusted friends.

Finally, the renter knows exactly his obligations: keep the contract, pay the bills. The landlord line member can be commanded into a war (or the opposite: blueing) he neither expected, nor wanted. Again: the line CFC or TEST member might consider the other “a bro”, but when politics happened, they had to shoot each other and no one asked them if they wanted to.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t ask which leader has more power, The Mittani, Vince or the CEO of a 5-men renter corp, because you are not Mittani, nor Vince, nor you’ll ever be. You should ask who has more personal freedom: a line SMA, a line Goon, a line NC. or a member of a 5-men renter corp?

– Gevlon Goblin

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